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Monday, November 30, 2009

Rain Forest- Afternoon on the Amazon

e started learning about Jungles and Rain Forests in our book club about Lions....this week we learned more during the Afternoon on the Amazon book.

We also took a field trip to the Rainforest Cafe ! Their educational field trips are not too expensive and certainly gave us a lot of information.

1. Review What is the rainforest...layers etc

2. Talked about the life cycle of frogs
I have a set of frogs in various metamorphic stages, from tadpole, all the way through frog.

3. poison arrow frogs and the bromeliad

4. Learn about Bromeliads

5. Make a bromeliad

6. Talk about all the animals that live in the rainforest

7. Share letters from Koko to class
Yes! Koko actually returned a letter to the class, along with a lot of FAQs and some samples of her artwork! It was very rewarding.

8. Make a rainstick
Ok, this is one of the most authentic, and harder, versions of rainsticks to make. There are easier ones available for younger kids.

Mailers with nails

Nails all through, criss-crossing each other

Rainstick with shower curtain as decoration

We just Modge Podged it on

Working on them

All done!


Monkeys in the rainforest game

Read the great kapok tree and talk about it
Facts about Tarantulas

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