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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's been quite awhile since I've posted. Life gets so busy! Yesterday we took the bomb of all field trips and I just HAD to share the photos!

We went to Roos N More, out in Moapa. It was so wonderful.

Otter (his name is Snork) loving on Brian.

Elias actually touched an animal! He's petting the otter

Bear Cat-Binturong  This animal loves Brian. He kept climbing on him!

Kinkajou  and Elias is petting it too!

Porcupine. Ok, if you want to know the whole front of these kids is a good sized pit leading to a tunnel. These porcupines dug under ground 70 feet. 70 FEET! They had babies and left the babies at 40 some odd feet. The owner had to crawl in there and get the babies. She videotaped it so we could all see! You can see this crazy video here : African Crested Porcupine Babies

Kangaroo...tons of kangaroos, including an albino one! We all got a photo op and to pet it.

Baby coati...why do all these animals love Bri-bri? He's such a good boy thats why!

Monkey-ok, the full story here....they were letting each kid sit with the monkey. Well, Sebastian didnt want to, but he got up there. I barely got this picture because as soon as the monkey got put down he was ready to run! Somehow, the monkey got Sebastian's toy dinosaur  (see the red thing in monkeys hand?It's a Brontosaurus).  Well Sebastian jumped off the chair bu he was glad to "share" his toy with the monkey!

Anteater-yes a real live anteater!

And, the piece de resistance! I hope this video posts, I dont know if Ive tried this before.'s supposed to be a video of the owner taking a baby joey out of his mama's pouch and showing us the inside. It's so cool!!!!!

This field trip was so hands on and fun and I saw the inside of a Kangaroo's Pouch!!!!!!!