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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elias is 8! Star Wars Party

Elias turned 8 yesterday! I can't believe how big he is, the things we've been through in 8 years, how special he is, how happy he is....he's such a blessing from the Lord.

Elias wanted a Star Wars party....and for it to be at Chuck E. Cheese....that woulda spelled a LOT of money, so I told him pick one or the other! He chose Star Wars, at a local park. Cool.

I have to say, I am the least crafty person alive. Very little creative genius flows through me, as far as arts and crafts go. That being said, I am lovinggggg surfing through craft blogs, because other people come up with the cutest, simplest ideas! I can't think of them, but I can copy them!! So, here's MY version of other people's crafts for a Star Wars Party!

First, we made the invitation.

We used the wording from this Invitation and printed it on red construction paper, then applied it to a piece of black construction paper. We wrote their names on the bottom in Silver Leaf pen. Elias added Star Wars stickers around the border

Then I found a blog showing how Crazy Mom Quilts made Jedi Robes out of a Simplicity pattern 3575. While I am not a sewer, one of the local teen homeschool girls is. I often outsource projects to I bought the patter, used my 40% off coupons on the fabric, and gave it all to her, voila, a month later, Jedi Robes for all attendees!

Then, as it got closer to the party, I found a cool post on Kiddley that showed Christmas Pinatas made of balloons and tissue paper. I thought, hmmmmmm, I have balloons, I have red and black tissue paper....why don't I make these as party favors?

Here are my supplies....

So, I set the table with a silver tablecloth, red plates that I got on clearance after Valentine's Day, black napkins, the Pinata Favors, and a robe on the back of each chair.

Here's how the favors came out. They were a hit! And so simple and cheap! I added a few candies and bouncy balls to the insides, and voila!

Then.....again surfing craft sites, I saw this post on about using empty wrapping paper rolls. In my head, I KNEW all these boys would beat empty wrapping paper rolls to shreds within a minute....and then I remembered that I had bought 20 sturdy cardboard mailers for a Rain Stick project. (bought off of ebay, 20, 24" cardboard mailers = 60c each). I knew I had enough of them, so I set out all the essentials for turning them into Light Sabers.

Here Sebastian is painting his(and everyone else's around!)

Then we had pizza while we waited for the sabers to dry.

Here's the gang, all dressed up

Baby stinkin cute is he?!?!


3 yr old Jedi's fighting each other...Sebastian and Gracie

After much "dueling" we came in and sang Happy Birthday. The Birthday Boy had a grand time singing to himself! Sebastian joined in singing "Happy, Happy, Happy"

Yup, I'm blessed. They're all happy, happy, happy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainforest Cafe

Wednesday we went to the Rainforest Cafe with the other members of our bookclub. Guess what we were studying?

It was so much fun! I hadn't been in over 7 years! Elias had never been. We got a school tour and lunch for a very reasonable rate.

We met at The Crocodile...this scary beast moved and had mist surrounding him. Let's just say, the baby wasn't his biggest fan.

The tour guide gathered the children for some Rainforest Facts.

Sebastian still hadn't calmed down from the crocodile. If you look you can see our friend Chase is so sweetly holding the baby's hand. awwwwwwww

Then we went inside the restaurant. It is so wonderfully decorated, with moving creatures and rainforest sounds. See the gorillas overhead!

Here's the group eating lunch

Elias and Chase feeling the rain

Group photo..they gave all the kids a Safari Hat!

Sebastian still wasn't letting go! The "thunderstorms" didn't make him happy either

It was a great field trip. I'll do it again in 7 more years!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebrate Home Education Awareness Week

Well, I couldn't be happier! The Governor, at Nevada Homeschool Network's prompting, has declared March 30-April 5, Home Education Awareness Week. You can see the proclamation here:

Because of this proclamation:

The public is invited to this fun filled day at the park to celebrate the Governor's proclamation that March 30-April 5 is Home Education Awareness Week.

Nevada Homeschool Network is hosting a celebration of Home Education Awareness Week, April 2nd, from 11am-3pm. Homeschoolers throughout the valley are urged to attend, and the event is also open to the public The celebration will be held at Lone Mountain Park, 4445 N. Jensen (Craig/Jensen). Many great community resources will be on hand showcasing their educational value and various community agencies will also be there with their specialized vehicles, allowing the children a sneak peek inside.

Some of the excitement will include: Cap'n Dave Eisenstein featuring his array of fossils, The Las Vegas Mounted Police and the Nellis Amateur Radio Club. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue will also be on site with their Safety House, showing children how to exit a burning building safely.. Look for a surprise guest around noon....hint, he's put in his gubernatorial bid!

There is no fee to attend this event. Everyone is welcome.

Nevada Homeschool Network representatives will also be available to talk about homeschooling; laws, resources, support groups and more. This would be a great event to come to and check out the resources available locally to homeschoolers.

For more information:

The Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN) was formed in 2002 to advocate for homeschooling and to educate families, educators, elected officials and the public on the laws and merits of home based education.

An Addendum to "Crazy Boy" Post

Yesterday I posted about "Crazy Boy" wearing his brothers pants around his neck for hours.

Often my husband checks this blog to see what fun we've had during the day while he's at work...and then we talk about the day in bed. Last night he was asking "Why did the baby wear the pants for HOURS?"

I said, "That's not the worst of it! If I could have gotten a picture...while he had the pants around his neck, he did the crazy cup thing!"

Ok..the crazy cup thing is this...more than once, the baby has grabbed the top of his sippy cup and sucked on it, while I am busy filling the cup part. So..picture this, crazy boy wearing pants around his neck, sucking on a LID. Yes, folks, I laugh a lot with this little boy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crazy Boy

Do you see this? Do you see what's around his neck? Yes, Elias' pajama bottoms are around the baby's neck. He put them there and kept them there for hours today. He's SO FUNNNNNYYYYYY

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Christopher's visit

Chris' sons now live in Kansas with their mom. It's been awhile since we've seen Christopher. His mom brought him our for a visit last week. It was fantabulous!

Christopher rolled in, and was SO excited to see Sebastian! Seb was a teeny baby the last time he saw him, and now he's a toddler. Christopher asked Sebastian for a kiss and Sebastian granted him one! Well, his version of a kiss is leaning in and letting us grace his forehead with a kiss. I went running for my camera, and missed it. But, this toddler is starting to catch on that mom likes pics, so he gladly posed for another one!

Christopher was so happy

Daddy and Christopher played Laser Tag, Christopher's #1 request for the trip.

Daddy and the boys playing video games

Chris' family came over for a Birthday Party. Christopher had just turned 16!

Here he is getting ready to blow out the candles. One of the relatives commented that I had not put 16 candles on. That's because I know it would take the next 20 years for Christopher to blow them all out. First he got the giggles and couldn't get any breath out, then he tried and still didn't get them, then he got them with some help! But he loved every minute of it.

Here he is with grandma and grandpa

Chris also took Christopher down to the Strip and watched the Bellagio Fountains, and saw the new Conservatory display...all those pics are on Chris' camera. And we got a huge family photo, using the timer and everything, but that's on Brian's camera! Noone gives me the pics when I ask for them. If it's not on my camera, I have no control. Sorry :(

It was a very good trip though; Christopher got to do a lot, see a lot and play a lot.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patty's Day

I am not a big decorator these days. When my first was young I decorated for every season! Over decorated, enjoyed it! Decorated in time for the holiday and took down after that holiday. Life just isn't the same anymore.

Now, my holiday decorating mostly consists of changing the front garden flag to reflect the holiday, and also matching handtowels for the kids in the downstairs bathroom. Other than that...I might pull out a couple of Easter themed items, and of course the Christmas Tree and some wreaths....but that's pretty much it.

My neighbor puts me to shame always! Recently she showed me the big die cut machine at the teachers supply store. You can bring in your own paper, or buy it there, and it's free to use. So, on a recent trip there I cut out a bunch of hearts (and looking ahead) a bunch of 4 leaf clovers!

I didn't remember the hearts during the valentine's season :(

But I did remember the clovers! Elias set about decorating them one day, in order to hang around the house.

Each and every clover has a drawing of a Christmas tree on it. When asked, "Why?", he replied, "Cause trees are green and so are clovers."

Like , hellloooo, don't you know?

It is so funny how their brains work!

Here's an example

And another!

Seriously, EACH and EVERY one!!!

I love how unique/weird/special these things are we see our children do.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover

We had a great opportunity here in Las Vegas this last week. We got to watch the filming of an episode of Extreme Home Makeover! And, to boot, it was for a homeschool family!! Very very exciting.

We didn't make it there every's the outside on Sunday (keep in mind they leveled the home on the previous THURSDAY!)
Construction site

I asked a volunteer if I could get a pic of his shirt!

During the week there wasn't a whole lot of people. We were able to walk right up, stand right outside, etc.

TODAY was the big reveal. We had over 150 homeschoolers on site! Many signs read Extreme Homeschoolers Makeover.

We got there about noon (not like some die hards, there at 8 am). I was so not into pushing my way to the front, having an inch of space and being uncomfy for a million hours, so Baby and I lingered towards the rear of the crowd. I let the kids go upfront with friends. Good choice. It was high 70's today and very sunny. Lots of crowds. EWWWW. I was happily parked in the shade, playing with the baby, and back far enough that I could see the house and top of the bus, and the limo pull up etc. Just not the activity on the street. That's ok, Brian got pics!

They had local cheerleaders there

Here's Elias and his friend Cassidy...with the Limo in the background

It's really funny watching a taping. They had this limo go up and down the street a bunch of times. Don't even think the family was in it. Just filming away!

Here's the Limo turning the corner, and the bus in front of house

The funny part is...the whole "move that bus" thing, was taped WAY before the family even got there. They did this whole crowd shot and everyone screaming MOVE THAT BUS. It must end up being taped in as the family first gets to see the house.

One of the first things that happened today was Ty Pennington went all around the perimeter gates and slapped everyone's hands. My friend got to touch Ty! Here's her hand (probably never washing it!)

They had these monster cameras

At one point Pauly walked by...gaining little to no attention. He's so sweet. I quick snapped off a shot. That's him in the background in a blue shirt and blue bandanna.

Here's how Sebastion enjoyed the day. He clapped when everyone else clapped....

He ate, he played, he drank, he got a real kick out of people throwing their arms in the air screaming Move That Bus, and tried to imitate it! They said it enough he almost got it!

Here's Ty at front door. I didn't get any shots of the family, didn't even see the family as I was staying back. But I was glad to be there. I do know the family and I am so so happy for them!

Here's the Finished House! For the insides, tune in May 10th! Not here, to the tv! For the show!

If you live somewhere where there's NOT a lot of filming, and you get a chance to go....pack water and GO! It's a lot of standing, but worth it at the end to see the finished product.