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Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebrate Home Education Awareness Week

Well, I couldn't be happier! The Governor, at Nevada Homeschool Network's prompting, has declared March 30-April 5, Home Education Awareness Week. You can see the proclamation here:

Because of this proclamation:

The public is invited to this fun filled day at the park to celebrate the Governor's proclamation that March 30-April 5 is Home Education Awareness Week.

Nevada Homeschool Network is hosting a celebration of Home Education Awareness Week, April 2nd, from 11am-3pm. Homeschoolers throughout the valley are urged to attend, and the event is also open to the public The celebration will be held at Lone Mountain Park, 4445 N. Jensen (Craig/Jensen). Many great community resources will be on hand showcasing their educational value and various community agencies will also be there with their specialized vehicles, allowing the children a sneak peek inside.

Some of the excitement will include: Cap'n Dave Eisenstein featuring his array of fossils, The Las Vegas Mounted Police and the Nellis Amateur Radio Club. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue will also be on site with their Safety House, showing children how to exit a burning building safely.. Look for a surprise guest around noon....hint, he's put in his gubernatorial bid!

There is no fee to attend this event. Everyone is welcome.

Nevada Homeschool Network representatives will also be available to talk about homeschooling; laws, resources, support groups and more. This would be a great event to come to and check out the resources available locally to homeschoolers.

For more information:

The Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN) was formed in 2002 to advocate for homeschooling and to educate families, educators, elected officials and the public on the laws and merits of home based education.

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