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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CiCi's Pizza Field Trip

I recently set up a field trip to a new CiCi's Pizza. They offered us a Make Your Own Pizza tour. How great!

They had all the children sit at two large groups of tables, one group started working on their pizzas, while one group went on a tour of the kitchen.

Very wisely, they gave each child a ball of dough...kept little hands busy and not touching things.

Elias, playing with his doughball

Here, the manager is showing them all the sacks of flour. Who knew, they make everything there themselves! Pizza dough, pasta, brownies, breadsticks, even cinnamon buns!

He showed them the Pizza Press (I forget what it's purpose is...other than pressing the pizza? I was too busy taking pics to listen..sorry!)

All the way over, Elias kept asking, "Do we get to go in the refrigerator? Do we, do we?" It was the highlight of another recent trip we went on. Good thing they did!

Then when we were done with our kitchen tour, it was time to make our pizzas! Elias and Cassidy worked together, adding cheese and pepperonis.

Here's the finished product...beautiful!

Well, even Sebastian loved this trip. What's not to love, food, friends and more food!

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