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Monday, June 29, 2009

Awana Awards

I wasn't there, but Elias recently had his Awana Awards Ceremony. He's a 2nd year Sparks, finished his 2nd book this year, and has just completed his 5th year in Awanas (he stayed in Cubbies for almost 3 yrs).

I couldn't be prouder! And this year I had the added bonus of being his leader...and seeing just how great it is to watch your child learn scriptures and more about God!

But alas, I was out of town for the ceremony, so here are a couple of pictures my mom took.

Receiving his ribbon

With his certificate and ribbon

Next year I'll be a Cubbies leader.....for you-know-who! I'm so excited!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elias' Triathlon

Elias's version of a triathlon....yes he's the son of an Ironman!
He came up with this on his own!
Skateboard, Bike and Scooter

Elias on skateboard

E on bike

Elias on scooter

Sebastian, not to be outdone!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Playing in sprinklers

When I lived back East we had sprinklers that were toys....they attached to the hose spigot and then you turned on the water and the sprinkler rained out water. We used to have a blast with this!

Here, in the desert....I haven't ever seen such a toy! I would never have known they exist. What do kids in the desert play with instead? Our built in lawn irrigation!

Here are the kids at a neighbors house. They go lawn to lawn playing in various yards, depending on who has water on when. It's so pathetic, but also cute. These pictures were actually taken before summer started, this was one of the first warm days, and the kids couldn't wait to run through the water!

Sebastian wasn't sure at first, but he went along with brother and stripped!

Every once in awhile I cringe at city living, but the joy on their faces says it doesn't really matter where the water comes from.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Metamorphis & Drivers Permit

Today I likened a teenager to a cocoon. A beautiful thing, curled up in a tangled web, no wanting to be disturbed....then emerging as a wondrous being. What brought on this conversation? My teenager!

He's getting older and older....and one day will be this wondrous adult (ok, he's already pretty wonderful, but when he loses all of his snarkiness he'll be close to perfect). we went to the DMV to get Brian's drivers permit. "Mom, 70% of the kids who take this, fail it the first time", he says. I'm thinking, "YEAH!". But, of course, he's very bright and passes it the first time. "Yeah?!?!?"

Now, if I can get the nerve up to let him get behind the wheel of a car.....we'll see how that goes!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

PV Parasailing

Yes, my husband was crazy enough to pay $40 to a couple of men on the beach who had a parasail. Apparently they are backed up by the hotel whose property they are in front of...but who knows?! He had fun anyway!

Here he is, all strapped in. The man gives instructions to you first, about landing..."When I blow the whistle once you do X....When I blow it 2x you do Z". Oh, no, I'll never go up! I'd be so nervous I'd THINK I heard the whistle and do X!!! ACHH!!!

Right before the boat came, a big wind gust hit the parachute and one of the guys had to THROW himself on it, to keep Chris on the ground. It was scary/crazy/hysterically funny, all at the same time. But, he eventually took off and had a nice flight.

Chris does all the crazy stuff...swimming with sharks, scuba diving, parasailing....I'm content getting my Oceanfront Beach Massages and reading my book!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

PV "Commercial Views"

The whole time we were in Puerto Vallarta I kept saying,"This looks like it's straight out of a commercial!" Everything is SOOOO beautiful!!!!! Here are some samples of what I mean.

This was on our first hotel's property. Krystal is Vallarta's oldest 5-star hotel...with 24 acres and 21 pools! Of course, some of those old time pools are like this koi ponds. But the area is lush and old and beautiful!

This is a view of the beach in front of the hotel. Loads of these little huts, interspersed by palm trees.

This was a majestic view from the water at a bird sanctuary..Marietas

This was on the property of our second hotel, Club Regina Loads of cabanas lining the beach, and even an Oceanfront Massage tent! Yes, I took advantage of that....that was my number one thing to do on vacation and it was heavenly!!

See what I mean? Totally beautiful! And this is just a small glimpse of the wonderful photos I got! I fell in love with this city.