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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Elias' birthday

7 and counting! My oh my!

Elias had his heart set on going to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. Well, I'm not up for the crowds of the weekend...and since we homeschool and so do most of our friends...we decided to go on a Tuesday even though his birthday was today. (Daddy has off on tuesdays!)

 We had the place to ourselves!  I didn't reserve a party, we just brought our own cake and plates, favors etc  and bought tokens and pizza for everyone.  It was SOOOO DEAD, it was beautiful!!  The kids had a blast

Even the babies had fun!

Just as we were leaving they turned on all of the "noisy stuff" and the kids had a blast looking at "Chuck E."

Then his real birthday was today. We knew it was going to be quiet..Daddy had to work, so he just invited over a friend. Grandma called this morning and wanted to take him to a movie, she ended up taking Elias and his friend! It worked great for Elias.  Then his friend came back and we sang Happy Birthday, opened a couple of presents from family back East, and played his new video games!

What a goof!

The hardest toy to find in stock right now!  Good job Uncle Dougie!

All in all he's had a great birthday experience this year! What a lovely boy he is!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Gifts

This week a tragedy struck a friend's family...her mother in law had a heart attack, followed by her husband having a heart attack, followed by his father suddenly dying that same night, followed by a triple bypass surgery the next day for the husband. Can you say WHEW?!?

One of my gifts is organization and the ability to DO. I can easily take action, I can lead, I see what needs to get done and I do it. We have another friend who is much the same, so she and I have "taken charge". We've sat with our friend during the surgery, we've put out calls for donations for various needs the family has, we're coordinating all the donations and kids getting places, and just being there for our friend.

I'm a DOER.

One of our other friends was lamenting to me the fact that I'm such a DOER and shes not. God knows I love her, but its the truth, she's a dawdler, a talker, a hugger, a s--l-o-w----p-o---k--e with little to no organizational skills. She'll admit it!That's not the point though.

She was sad and feeling not as useful as me. In her self esteem of not feeling adequate, she builds me up to HIGH places, when I'm just HUMAN! I'm just being me and DOING, because that's me!

So, in a conversation with her today she suggested that I do something, which I quickly dismissed as not my business, not really necessary etc etc.

Lo and behold, not a half an hour later it was made evident to me through a hysterical phone conversation with our friend who's family is being so affected, that I need to BRING UP doing what was suggested AND DO IT.

And I DID.

But let me tell you. I'm not a fast thinker on my feet. I need things planned out. I need plans a, b and c, and options to choose from if one does not work.

On my own I would NOT have suggested what I did. It just wouldn't have even come to me!

But, God used my friend who was feeling low to bring it to me when she did and I could use it accordingly.

I called my friend up and told her I felt God had used her, but maybe it wasn't the way she had been hoping. I think we all have gifts, but if we're so busy looking at other people's gifts, and lamenting that they aren't our gift, we might not SEE our own gifts!

If you're one of these people, know that God uses you how HE wants to. It may not be how YOU want to, but He will use you if you are open to it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving to/living in, Las Vegas

Often, when people are looking at a potential move, they check the area out first. I'm always getting, "So, what's it like to live in Las Vegas? What are the laws (homeschool) like? Is it ALL about gambling?"

I wrote up the below letter to help calm nerves about potentially moving to Las Vegas! I'll share it with you...oh, and our Homeschooling laws are SPECTACULAR! Check out http://www.nevadahomeschoolnetwork. One time (with exceptions) Filing of Notice of Intent , no testing, no record keeping, no meeting state standards, parent determines child's level and needs. FABULOUS!

I just want to take a moment to assure you that while it may seem scary to contemplate a move to "sin city", this city has SO many great educational opportunities and a HUGE amount of homeschoolers.

Las Vegas encompasses a HUGE area. It runs right into an area called Henderson and an area called Summerlin. We have the NE, SE, SW and NW parts of town, and in the middle and now the outskirts, North Las Vegas (parts are inner city-ish as Las Vegas grew AROUND North Las Vegas but there are now parts that extend out past Las Vegas, which are really nice …Aliante etc)

I personally love the NW side of town and find it extremely full of homeschooling activities. In part it is because there are a few support groups based on this side of town, but also in part because many of us "active folk" live over here and always host events! It is also a nice area, full of new parks and developments.

I used to live in the NE area, and found it to be much more central to everything. Of course, I had to do more driving to get to many of the activities we liked. Now, it is an area that is older, and some parts are very run down.

You should take a bit of time to explore and look at a map. There are many nice nice areas, and many areas that are far far from everything!

If you look at click on SUPPORT GROUPS , then Clark County it shows list of support groups.

There are support groups for various sides of town, various philosophies of education, various religious affiliations, etc. Some support groups have a church home, or other “base” which allows them to have monthly parent meetings, some are more informal and based online with YahooGroups.

For example: Eagles is a Christian group on the NW side of town, a ministry of Canyon Ridge Christian Church. It offers a yearbook, graduation, monthly parents meetings, field trips, Teen co-op classes, and a variety of other events.

NWLVHsers is an inclusive group and is member run. Most of our ongoing park days and events like that are hosted in the NW, but we also offer field trips out of our region! There is no hierarchy, if your child wants to take a class on fencing, u find a fencing instructor, get a group rate and offer it to the group, etc.

In addition to Support Groups, many Community Centers/Rec Centers in town have homeschool classes, there are educational programs at Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon, community college which offers non credit courses such as Freaky Fractions etc, all sorts of resources!

We have over 3000 registered homeschoolers in Las Vegas. There are a few teacher supply stores in town, Learning is Fun and Lakeshore Learning. While they don’t offer homeschool discounts, many others places do! Barnes and Noble, Borders, Michaels, Joann’s, etc etc

Hope this helps...if you have any more specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day

Thank you for the cross: Happy Resurrection Day!

Here are the lyrics...


Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice
You became nothing, poured out to death
Many times, I've wondered at your gift of life
I'm in that place once again
I'm in that place once again

And once again I look upon the cross where you died
I'm humbled by your mercy and I'm broken inside
Once again I thank you
Once again I pour out my life

Now you are, exalted to the highest place
King of the heavens, where one day I'll bow
But for now, I marvel at this saving grace
I'm full of praise once again
I'm full of praise once again

And once again I look upon the cross where you died
I'm humbled by your mercy and I'm broken inside
Once again I thank you
Once again I pour out my life

Thank you for the cross
Thank you for the cross
Thank you for the cross, my friend
repeat x6

If these words and the thought of Jesus' sacrifice for YOU moved you, and you've never accepted his precious gift, please think about accepting it now! The price has been paid. It's up to you. He's waiting. You can easily accept his gift by saying a simple prayer much like the one offered here Prayer of Salvation 

(Disclaimer: I know NOTHING about this website other than this page. The prayer is right on, I don't claim any knowledge of the biblical applications otherwise proclaimed within the site!...Look to a Bible for that!)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tot Locks

I always have to laugh when someone new to my house automatically assumes the trash is under the sink and goes to open the cupboard door. There is no opening the door! Not even a crack!

You know how most child proof locks you can stick your finger down in there and release it?!? Not with the sweet ones I have on!

They are called Tot Locks. Here's a link about them.
I LOVE them. I bought them eons ago when Elias was a baby.

They are have to screw them on, and once the door is shut, you cannot open it until you place the magnet on the outer door. I have them on all my bathroom cabinets and my under the sink kitchen cabinets where cleaners are stored.

For me, I find it easiest to keep the Magnetic Opener ALWAYS to the left of the sink, in each room. It's it's home. When everything has a home, you can find it! We've never lost an opener. You grab it, sweep it over the inside (and you get to where you magically KNOW where it is, even though you can;t see it!) and then you put it right back!

I LOVE them!!! They are slightly more expensive than the little plastic guys...but they are un-cheatable! Lowes carries them, maybe Home Depot too, I haven't looked there. Also Babies R Us.

It makes it so I know the kitchen area is safe for the baby (who's now a toddler) to play in!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Days flying by.....

Man, the days are flying by!! Last week I spoke at 2 local support group meetings, met Tirzah and family, had a field trip, all in addition to Seb's and Elias' therapies!

This week it's been juts as crazy!

Tuesday we had a Resurrection Party with one support group. They did a nice job, included the teens this year. Sometimes it's hard with kids of all different age ranges to find ONE event that fits them all, but this one was AOK!

Then Wed we had a Egg Hunt/Picnic with our other support group. This was just a fun time at a neat state lake, lots of trees and picnic tables, we even saw folks horseback riding! Beautiful day of just free play!

I'd show pics but we can't find the camera right now?!?! This is what happens when your teen is always experimenting with taking interesting photos to then mess around with their images.... Chris and I had to run a bunch of errands. We took the baby with us and stopped at Payless and got him a pair of sneakers. He's walking so well now and the few little hand me down pairs I have are getting too small. Now he has LIGHT-UP CARS shoes like Elias!! He's so cute in them!!

Tomorrow is city-wide homeschool a horrible hour of 9:30am, so we'll be gone much of the day for that. Kids love it though.

And, we're trying to spend as much time outdoors right now as's that in between weather where it's not too hot and not too cold!

As soon as baby wakes up, out we'll go! Elias will practice bike riding..after the winter, he needs to practice some more in preparation for taking off his training wheels!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meeting a HSB

So one of my "friends" at HSB is Tirzah, over at Yearnin 4 Some Learnin . Recently she let me know she'd be coming to Vegas  (where I live) and wanted to hook up!  I LOVE meeting other homeschoolers!!  If you're ever traveling near by, let me know!

So, I invited her to meet us at a field trip, to a local all you can eat pizza buffet and school tour of their kitchen.

Here are Brian and one of her daughters. They hit it off right away.  Brian is such a ladies man!

Here's the youngest of both our cute!!!

She got there before me and I am proud to say some of the other group members welcomed her and introduced themselves. We have a GREAT GROUP! Very friendly and inclusive.

We had a grand time. Every ate, everyone got along, it was fun! Afterwards they came over to my turns out her mom lives LITERALLY a street up from me. How fun!

Brian and her 2 oldest clicked and just gabbed and laughed all afternoon long.  Elias and her 2 youngest went back and forth between playing outside and playing inside...having a grand old time! That left Tirzah and I to chat. What a neat lady, and what a love for The Lord

Hey, here's hoping to her trip being so awesome they decide they just HAVE to move here!

The Big Red Button

Let's see how long you'll do it!

Put The Big Red Button on your site

WOW! Geesh! Loser? Yeah, me too!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

doing what they do best

Just some cute pics of the boys doing what they do best, and loving it!

Here's Little Lovely slamming cupboard doors. It's his favorite pass-time...that and taking all the tupperware out and throwing it on the floor!

Now this one has a story behind it...a couple actually!

Story #1. These were Brian's pajamas when he was little. This is the first year that Elias has been able to wear anything of Brian's. ( I started saving the big boys clothes when I found out I was pregnant with size 6 and up)  He loves finding out who's clothes they were. Now he wants every day to be "Pajama Day"  Too cute!

Which leads me to Story #2.  For the 2nd day in a week Elias HAD declared it Pajama Day. He went to speech, came home, put his pajamas back on. When Daddy saw that he made it very clear we are to get dressed during the day, not be wearing pajamas.  I had to DIE LAUGHING and he didn't know why.

See...people change. They don't sometimes know they are, but ideas and habits change.  When I first married my husband his boys were 5 and barely 6. Brian was 6. I was HORRIFIED coming into this home, finding 3 males who sat around in their tighty-whities all day, watching tv on the couch. What is THIS!?!?! I was used to getting up, getting Brian ready every day for our day, and doing it DRESSED. 

I promptly changed this habit, and now dear husband doesn't even remember it. Just like a man.

That brings me to, even though Brian's starting to look like a man, he's just a big boy!  He's been waiting for the new Super Smash Brothers game to come out. Here he is playing it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

See what happens when you're not around?!?!

I had to show Brian these's his computer! We told him some little elf got into his desk! 

"Who me? I'm not doing anything....well nothing a baby shouldn't anyway!  Just dropping some slobber all over, fiddling with keys...oh!  What's that sound? I'm downloading something?!?!  COOL!!  Wait till Big Brother sees what I've done!  Playing with the computer IS fun!!"

Friday, March 7, 2008

Letter to the school district

So, the other morning I'm reading our local paper and start spluttering! The article is about how the school district has already spent 35 MILLLLLLIIIOOONNN DOLLARRRSSS (the exaggeration is not in the amount itself, but that it COST so much!!!) for their upgrading of their computers, and yet it's not enough. The project needs to be put on HOLD until they can get another 12 MILLLIIIOOOONNNNN (no joke!) By which time the system may be outdated, leaving them with a bigger mess. Yeah, I'd say so. Here's the link to the article:

So, I shove the paper over to Brian (techy son) and he wisely proclaims that most of that is probably licensing and program fees, shame, considering so much free stuff is available (like his beloved Linux, and Open Source applications like Open Office, etc).

I say we should write them and let them know of this option. Maybe their high paid consultants don't know, or maybe the district doesn't know of this option. Regardless, the PUBLIC should know of this option and that the school district has naysayed it! And frivolously spent millions of dollars.

Oh, my son. His knowledge astounds me. He starts rattling off how various school districts across the nation already use linux. And all the benefits of using linux. And that there's a version especially MADE for schools, called EduBuntu.

Now I'm fired up, so we sit down and I start typing, while he sends me links in IM from his computer, and on a 3rd computer he's downloading the EduBuntu version to show me how cool it is, and easy to use.

After I finished the document with all of his incredible knowledge, he edited it for technicalities of which I know NOTHING! I didn't write everything just so in computer lingo.

After those finishing touches, we sent it off. To the original Newspaper reporter, to various school district administrators listed in the article, and to the school board trustees.

Today, in my InBox, the reporter sent an email , "Very Interesting. I will be looking into this." WOW!! COOL!

If you want to learn more about EduBuntu, or just for the heck of it, below is the text of his letter

RE: CCSD Computer System March 6, 2008

Mr. Bradford,

It was with interest (and dismay) that I read the March 6th SUN article regarding the school district’s computer system.

You see, my son is a computer geek. Through him my computer education has gone so far! I now know there are Open Source applications widely available that are free parallels to big name brand programs.

We wondered, upon dissecting this article, if your big financial output was due to licensing of Vista etc?

We’d additionally love to know if your computer consultants have researched the possibility of using Linux based computers and/or Open Source applications, versus Windows based computers and programs, thus saving an enormous amount of money?

Presuming that not everyone understands the difference, I’ll briefly try to explain how this could benefit CCSD.

Each computer that uses Windows must have its own license. That costs $. Linux is an alternative to Windows, developed by companies and volunteers alike who don’t want everything to cost so much. There is no fee. Linux is not only for Desktops, but is widely used for servers because of it's stability and security. Many people already use Open Source programs without even being aware of it.

Looking to the future, IT schools already offer classes in Linux certification; it would behoove the students to understand its abilities. As for administrators who would also be using the system, Linux is not hard to learn.

There is a version of Linux called Edubuntu, built for schools. Whether you chose to use that version or one of the many others, the results would be similar….no cost and more crossover in the technical realm for students who might be headed in that way as a career choice. There are already schools across the nation using Edubuntu and Linux.

Whether using Linux, or sticking with Windows, using Open Source applications like Open Office versus Microsoft Office would save a bundle! 200 computers= approx. $12,000 (based on $60each/Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, discount) That’s a LOT of $! And we KNOW there are more than 200 computers in the district.

Some points to also consider:

· Linux runs easier on older hardware…saving the constant upgrading of machines

· Edubuntu has a long term support release that will be available mid April and be valid through 2011 with continuous updates. After that, an upgrade to the next version will be available, also for free.

· Optional upgrades for Edubuntu come every 6 mo, once in April, once in October

· Linux can easily be installed on existing computers via a CD

· Linux is secure, built from the ground up with that purpose in mind

We’ll attach some links for your perusal:


Using Edubuntu

An article about Edubuntu
Open Office

We sincerely hope you will give this idea some time and research.

Many thanks to my son who has downloaded Edubuntu and walked me through it and who is helping me write this. He’s a dedicated Linux user!


Elissa Wahl (and son)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6, 2008

Just some updates on us:

Sebastian is walking like crazy! Not running yet, but walking for sustained amounts of time. Its so cute!!!!!

Brian decided to chart how many grams of sugar he ate in one day, because I accuse him of eating to much. He presented me with his findings at the end of the day. I stand corrected. At least for THAT day!!!!

Elias....oh Elias!! He had his first appointment with the dentist. Our old insurance didn't cover them until they were 6, so I never worried about taking him in. It's time though! I found a great dentist, my neighbor uses him for her children. A pediatric dentist, you're allowed back with them, they do not restrain....

My poor boy. He was scared going in..understandable. It was a fabulously fun place, video games, etc. But, then the "torture" started. They tried to do XRays. Apparently he's "a gagger". It was not pleasant. They stopped.

Then they moved on to cleaning. It was going ok, until she squirted the water in...laying down, squirting in water...yup, he started gagging. He was hysterically crying. It was so sad. He just wanted to leave and I had to make him stay. They didnt do any more work on him, but we did have to meet with the dentist and determine if there were any cavities. There were a couple small ones. Luckily he calmed down, we watched another little boy get an exam, and then we stayed in the waiting room playing video games for a bit. He's still alive!

The dentist thinks he has subconscious issues from when he was a baby and sick..feeding tube down the nose/throat, lots of throwing up, oral issues...bottom line....and let me preface this with..we don't really medicate our kids. We try to go homeopathic as often as possible, and just avoid all sorts of things, but he's going to be sedated to get through the procedure. It's either that or hospitalize him. Well, I can understand anxiety and how you can't always control this instance I'm ok with it...wish it didn't have to be this way, but it is. So...we'll try, hopefully he'll be able to make it through!

In funnier matters...every morning I have to give Sebastian some prune juice (no, he doesn't drink it, it's through his feeding tube!) He's been very constipated since he started eating real food. Elias saw me doing it and asked me "What's that poop juice called?" HAHAHAH Poop Juice! New name!!

Christian Unschooling Resources

They're out there!!!  I'll outline a few I've found here...but I bet there are more!!

Well, hopefully you already know about the book "Christian Unschooling, Learning in the Freedom of Christ", by Teri Brown and Elissa Wahl. It's pretty easily found on amazon and ebay.

We also published an E-Zine, Seedling, for a few years....those are now archived over on my left menu..lots of good reading!  Some of the links might be outdated, but the articles are good stuff!

If you want to join chatty type email loops for support, there are plenty out there!  I've even recently joined a few of them!

Christian Unschooling Basics...what a fabulous resource!!

This group is for Christian unschoolers who are on a journey toward radical Christian unschooling. We will discuss whole life learning and respectful parenting, NOT curriculum. This list is for encouraging others on our journey. We are on a path to get away from curriculum, spanking, chore charts, coercion or forced respect. Lets help each other on that journey by sharing what has worked for us, ideas and Scripture to help spur us on in this wonderful life. This is a place where we are able to discuss unschooling, our faith and how they come together.

Chr-U: Christian Unschooling

Christians can & do Unschool! Yes! Chr-U parents unwind, unschool ourselves, and help each other.

We hope to hit that reset button back to the lovin-n-learnin-lifestyle of very young toddlers at home with mom, no matter what age you (or your children) are. Then we don't need to compare/criticize our efforts or anyone else's, compete with institutions, nor discuss/argue whether anyone "is unschooling" or "is not really unschooling" their children.

The terminology is not the issue! Who owns this word, anyway? Let's walk our talk by treating each other with the sincerity, respect and gentleness that unschooling literature and the Gospel of Christ suggest we should, because we are all disciples and students, always

CCU-List: Christ Centered Unschooling
CCU stands for Christ Centered Unschooling. Unschooling is a style of home schooling based on the ideals of natural learning. John Holt, who is credited with coining the term "unschooling" espoused the idea that children, like all people, are born with an innate desire to learn.

Learning is unavoidable and if given the encouragement and environment in which to flourish will happen without coercion or structure. Rigid structure, forced learning and contrived curriculum can be destructive to the desire to learn.

Unschooling, practiced for several decades and by many families, has resulted in confident, productive and independent thinking adults.

As a Christian I believe that unschooling reflects the relationship we have with God, one based on trust, friendship and respect.

This list was formed as a place for Christians who are either unschooling, attempting to implement more unschooling into their lives or just interested in learning more about the ideas.

While the list is open to those who do not consider themselves to be Christian, since it is composed primarily of those who do, respect for the tenets of this faith is expected.

CCU is a forum for friendly exchange of information on unschooling and parenting. While discussion of differing views will be tolerated it must remain courteous and refrain from negative personal comments. All participants are expected to help maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all.


Feeling like you must be the only radical unschooler in the Christian faith? Tired of hearing those who claim to be Christian unschoolers discuss curriculum or how to make their kids do chores? Tired of hearing secular unschoolers say that you couldn't possibly exist?

Look no further! On this list there will be no talk of curriculum, partial enrollment, spanking, chore charts, punitive coercion, arbitrary limitations, forced respect, or anything else that doesn't jive with radical unschooling.

This list is for discussing radical unschooling by people who already "get it" and want to connect with other radically unschooling Christian families.

If you are new on the journey please join

All "flavors" of Christianity are welcome and doctrinal differences are respected.

Gal 5:1 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." ~NIV

"Radical Christian Unschooling: Learning Joyfully Through Living...In The Freedom of Christ!!"

Unschooling God Journey

The Unschooling God Journey list is a place for families who find a deep correlation in their journeys as both homeschooling life learners and followers in the way of Jesus.

Join us as we follow the path Father leads us, outside the systems of organized religion and organized education.

Blogs...there are blogs galore!!!!!!!!

Please come back and visit mine!  Christian Unschooling

More Than Fine 
Learning Through Living   
Crunchy Christian Mom 
Unschool Days  

Hopefully this will get you started and feeling not so alone! Once you're confident in your journey you'll be able to share it with others! Who knows where that will lead!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


So,  today Brian came back from Dare2Share. It's a teen event...has a concert, speakers, skits. It's all about learning to be firm in your faith and to share it with the unsaved.  It was held in Phoenix, AZ..a 5 hr bus ride. They left Friday morning and got back late late last night. This year's topic was Revelations. Very heavy!

I am so SOOOO stinkin proud of my son! This event sounds so awesome!  They had hands on activities.....the kids went out to evangelize in surrounding neighborhoods. They had to call someone they believe needs Jesus and share with them. What an incredible time.

The leader called me this morning to tell me how much she enjoys Brian and how he is welcome on any of her trips.  She called him a Warrior for God. That makes my heart sing. If I do nothing else right in this world, God, please let me teach my children about You so that they can choose You!

Brian and his friend Matt

Look at these kids!!!!

Seriously, if your kids ever have the chance to's lifechanging!

In other news...After the kids baths tonight, Sebastian was sitting on my bed and he grabbed the comb. Then he put the comb to his head and started moving his hand back and forth!  He KNEW it was for his hair!  He's so smart! I just love him!!

Elias said something super cute today and when he did it I thought, I have to blog that...and now I can't remember. Man,'s like a sieve

Saturday, March 1, 2008

If you were a little girl in the 70's...

This was posted over at Delightful Day's blog and I just had to use it!  I read it and I swear, 95% of them were me! Heck, I STILL want to be Laura Ingalls Wilder! And, I bet I still have my Donny doll, from Donny and Marie  (my sister had Marie I think). I am amazed, and GLAD that someone sat down and actually wrote this out, because it sure brought me back to the past...what great memories!

You had that Fisher Price Doctor's Kit with a stethoscope that actually worked.

You owned a bicycle with a banana seat and a plastic basket with flowers on it.

You learned to skate with actual skates (not roller blades) that had metal wheels.

You thought Gopher from Love Boat was cute (admit it!).

You had either a 'bowl cut' or 'pixie', not to mention the 'Dorothy Hamill

People sometimes thought you were a boy.

You had rubber boots for rainy days and Moon boots for snowy days. 

You owned a 'Slip-n-Slide', on which you injured yourself on a sprinkler head more than once.

Your Holly Hobbie sleeping bag was your most prized possession.

You wore a poncho, gauchos, and knickers.

You begged Santa for the electronic game, Simon.

You had the Donnie and Marie dolls with those pink and purple satiny shredded outfits, or the sunshine family.

You spent hours in your backyard on your metal swing set with the trapeze.  The swing set tipped over at least once.

You had homemade ribbon barrettes in every imaginable color.

You had a pair of Doctor Scholl's sandals (the ones with hard sole & the buckle).

You wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder really bad; you wore that Little House on the Prairie-inspired plaid, ruffle shirt with the high neck in at least one school picture; and you despised Nellie Oleson.

You wanted your first kiss to be at a roller rink.

PONG! ('video tennis' ) was the most remarkable futuristic game you've ever heard of.

Your hairstyle was described as having 'wings' or 'feathers' and you kept it 'pretty' with the comb you kept in your back pocket.  When you walked, the 'wings' flapped up and down, looked like you were gonna 'take off'.

You know who Strawberry Shortcake is, as well as her friends, Blueberry Muffin and Huckleberry Pie.

You carried a Muppets lunch box to school and it was metal, not plastic. With the thermos inside, some were glass inside and broke the first time you dropped them.

You and your girlfriends would fight over which of the Dukes of Hazzard was your boyfriend.

YOU had Star Wars action figures, too.

It was a big event in your household each year when the 'Wizard of Oz' would come on TV.  Your mom would break out the popcorn and sleeping bags.

You often asked your Magic-8 ball the question: 'Who will I marry?  Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, or David Cassidy?'

You completely wore out your Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Fame soundtrack record album.

You tried to do lots of arts and crafts, like yarn and Popsicle-stick God's eyes, decoupage, or those weird potholders made on a plastic loom.

You made Shrinky-Dinks and put iron-on kittens on your t-shirts.

You used to tape record songs off the radio by holding your portable tape player up to the speaker.

You had subscriptions to Dynamite and Tiger Beat.

You learned everything you needed to know about girl issues from Judy Blume books.
(Are you there God? It's me, Margaret.)

You thought Olivia Newton-John's song 'Physical' was about aerobics.

You wore friendship pins on your tennis shoes or shoelaces with heart or rainbow designs.

You wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.

You drowned yourself in Love's Baby Soft - which was the first 'real' perfume you ever owned. You glopped your lips in Strawberry Roll-on lip-gloss till it almost dripped off.