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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Christian Unschooling Resources

They're out there!!!  I'll outline a few I've found here...but I bet there are more!!

Well, hopefully you already know about the book "Christian Unschooling, Learning in the Freedom of Christ", by Teri Brown and Elissa Wahl. It's pretty easily found on amazon and ebay.

We also published an E-Zine, Seedling, for a few years....those are now archived over on my left menu..lots of good reading!  Some of the links might be outdated, but the articles are good stuff!

If you want to join chatty type email loops for support, there are plenty out there!  I've even recently joined a few of them!

Christian Unschooling Basics...what a fabulous resource!!

This group is for Christian unschoolers who are on a journey toward radical Christian unschooling. We will discuss whole life learning and respectful parenting, NOT curriculum. This list is for encouraging others on our journey. We are on a path to get away from curriculum, spanking, chore charts, coercion or forced respect. Lets help each other on that journey by sharing what has worked for us, ideas and Scripture to help spur us on in this wonderful life. This is a place where we are able to discuss unschooling, our faith and how they come together.

Chr-U: Christian Unschooling

Christians can & do Unschool! Yes! Chr-U parents unwind, unschool ourselves, and help each other.

We hope to hit that reset button back to the lovin-n-learnin-lifestyle of very young toddlers at home with mom, no matter what age you (or your children) are. Then we don't need to compare/criticize our efforts or anyone else's, compete with institutions, nor discuss/argue whether anyone "is unschooling" or "is not really unschooling" their children.

The terminology is not the issue! Who owns this word, anyway? Let's walk our talk by treating each other with the sincerity, respect and gentleness that unschooling literature and the Gospel of Christ suggest we should, because we are all disciples and students, always

CCU-List: Christ Centered Unschooling
CCU stands for Christ Centered Unschooling. Unschooling is a style of home schooling based on the ideals of natural learning. John Holt, who is credited with coining the term "unschooling" espoused the idea that children, like all people, are born with an innate desire to learn.

Learning is unavoidable and if given the encouragement and environment in which to flourish will happen without coercion or structure. Rigid structure, forced learning and contrived curriculum can be destructive to the desire to learn.

Unschooling, practiced for several decades and by many families, has resulted in confident, productive and independent thinking adults.

As a Christian I believe that unschooling reflects the relationship we have with God, one based on trust, friendship and respect.

This list was formed as a place for Christians who are either unschooling, attempting to implement more unschooling into their lives or just interested in learning more about the ideas.

While the list is open to those who do not consider themselves to be Christian, since it is composed primarily of those who do, respect for the tenets of this faith is expected.

CCU is a forum for friendly exchange of information on unschooling and parenting. While discussion of differing views will be tolerated it must remain courteous and refrain from negative personal comments. All participants are expected to help maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all.


Feeling like you must be the only radical unschooler in the Christian faith? Tired of hearing those who claim to be Christian unschoolers discuss curriculum or how to make their kids do chores? Tired of hearing secular unschoolers say that you couldn't possibly exist?

Look no further! On this list there will be no talk of curriculum, partial enrollment, spanking, chore charts, punitive coercion, arbitrary limitations, forced respect, or anything else that doesn't jive with radical unschooling.

This list is for discussing radical unschooling by people who already "get it" and want to connect with other radically unschooling Christian families.

If you are new on the journey please join

All "flavors" of Christianity are welcome and doctrinal differences are respected.

Gal 5:1 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." ~NIV

"Radical Christian Unschooling: Learning Joyfully Through Living...In The Freedom of Christ!!"

Unschooling God Journey

The Unschooling God Journey list is a place for families who find a deep correlation in their journeys as both homeschooling life learners and followers in the way of Jesus.

Join us as we follow the path Father leads us, outside the systems of organized religion and organized education.

Blogs...there are blogs galore!!!!!!!!

Please come back and visit mine!  Christian Unschooling

More Than Fine 
Learning Through Living   
Crunchy Christian Mom 
Unschool Days  

Hopefully this will get you started and feeling not so alone! Once you're confident in your journey you'll be able to share it with others! Who knows where that will lead!!

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