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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chain Reaction- Neighborhood Project

I guess Disney is encouraging kids to do this experiment and then upload their video of it...Elias and his friends have been working on it all day!   Chain Reaction  

The boys started working on it, gave it a good 50 attempts, then gave up. The girls came along, made some slight changes, and got it to work.  Then they all wanted to take partial credit for it!

So, good job, James & Elias, Krista & Zanthippie, & Jill !!!

This is take #76 or so!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today we went down to the Municipal pool to sign up for a diving class.  While we were there I figured I'd let the kids see the pool and diving board. We swam for awhile, and then they opened up the deep end, and the diving boards!

I had a bunch of the neighborhood kids with me...and boy, these kids have no fear! Going off the HIGH DIVE!!

She went off the high dive too!!!

Elias stuck with the low board, but seemed to enjoy himself! 

I don't have a picture, but Sebastian also did the diving board.  He successfully wowed everyone by jumping off and swimming to the side  (he can swim! And he's so tiny!)  Then he wanted to do the big board which scared me to death, but I figured I'd let him TRY to climb up the ladder...sure enough, he decided on his own he was too small for it (pheww!!).  He did quite a few jumps off the 1 meter board and enjoyed himself as well!  

After not having been to this pool in quite a few years, I decided it was AOK.  Especially in the am when the water seemed nice and clean.