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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vineman, CA Part 5

Ok, Vineman Recap! This is the real reason we came to Northern CA!

The early morning was COLD! Although the water was 72.5 the air was 54!! BRRR.  On Chris's way down for his wave, he saw his all time favorite (um....I'm at a loss for what this guy does or his name.....Chris can spot famous athletes from 2 miles away! I don't know who they are!)...athlete, Chris someone or another.  So he asked for  a photo op which the guy gladly gave.

Here's Chris ready for his swim wave. These goggles suck his face so much I tease that's he's Chinese not Mexican!

Here's Chris swim wave. This is in the Russian River, which seems to be at an all time low. Chris said there were spots he had to walk because it was so shallow.

Here's Chris coming out of the water.  his swim time was pretty good (for him!) , at 40 minutes.

And here he is off on his bike portion.....

Little Lovelies waiting for a sight of Dad,,,,,,

And here he comes, off the bike portion. He finished that in a respectable 2:50:48

And there he goes (in the red shirt, opposite lane) off on his running portion.

And here's what kept the boys occupied during those couple of hours!

Lo and behold, here he comes!  His run was a bit off. He thinks he didnt drink enough on the bike part, to be well hydrated for the run. He had some intense cramping during the run, which set his time back further than he would have liked.  He finished the run in 2:34:24

He finished the half Ironman in 6:18:47.  We knew he'd finish, even if it killed him, cause he's stubborn that way!

Civil War Days and Seals, CA Part 4

Saturday was the day I was most looking forward to, in our CA Adventure. They had Civil War Days,  a Civil War reenactment.  I've never been to one and wasn't altogether sure what to expect.  It was fabulous! There was a vendor section with great Civil War reproduction pieces, everything!  From clothing, to buttons, to patches, to candles, to books, to was fabulous!

Then the recreation was wonderful! So realistic! And so loud!

Little lovely with ear protection

Drum and Fife Corps

Florence Nightingale (maybe?)

Some fell....

After this wonderful event, we went up the coast again and found this great spot where we could park and walk to within throwing distance of Seals!   It's called Goat Rock State Park.  Truly wonderful!

Here's the view from above....this is where the Russian River meets the Ocean

This is a "seal nursery". The Harbor Seals nurse their babies in this area. We were so lucky to see them!

How do they get on these rocks?

This is after we parked and walked....we are about 200 feet from them!

Very very awesome!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Armstrong Redwood State Park, CA Part 3

Friday we went to Amstrong Redwood State Park in Guerneville. It was totally awesome!

Then we went exploring and our RENTAL car broke down. Note to all of you, when your VAN breaks down, you're pretty much up a creek.....No tow-truck can handle as many passengers (kids) as we have! This is the 2nd time in my life I've had a van break down. It's ugly!!!!

It all ended well though, and we finally got a new van delivered to us. It was an AOK day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fort Ross, CA Part 2

Our 2nd Day in Northern Ca, we went up the coast to Fort Ross, state historic park.  I loved this place!

Fort Ross is an old Russian Fort on the coast. This is the chapel...just so beautiful!

Inside I was shocked/pleased to see a rotunda...coming from the East Coast where historical buildings abound, I can tell you, there are very few with "pretty" added! To see this beautiful wood work was just amazing.

Here's Little Lovely by the Cannon.

Elias was getting a kick out of ringing the church bell.

Here's another example of "pretty"...all the headboards, chests and trunks were beautifully painted!

Elias got to dress up as an Alaskan Fisherman-hunting for Sea Otters. See the pelt on his shoulder?

It was a great place to visit!  And, here's a funny for you, they have GOPHERS! A gopher problem, on the shore! The whole fort (ha!) has holes in it!

Then we stopped for lunch at this beautiful restaurant on the coast. It opened up to some beautiful trails down the bluffs.

Look at all these wildflowers!

And, our first sighting of SEALS!

After our beautiful day up the coast we decided to go inland back to town. (Note to self, don't do again).  It was a long trip through solitary roads, all rolling hills and ranchland. Beautiful, but long. We did get to see some deer along the way though!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Petrified Forest & Old Faithful Geyser, CA trip Part 1

We are just getting back from a great trip to Northern California.  Can you say, "Brrrrrr?". Especially those of us from Las Vegas!  It was quite different! Beach weather is long sleeves and earmuffs!

Our first full day there we went to a nearby town to see the Petrified Forest. It was very neat to see these huge trees!

After that we went to see Old Faithful.  Did you know there are other Old Faithfuls Geysers? This one is in Calistoga California. It erupts every 10 minutes. It was pretty neat to see.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


We have been so blessed over the many years, to have had a local gymnasium open their space to homeschoolers, 1 morning a week. We play with balls, run around, shoot hoops, plsy dodge-ball...and just have fun! Elias has attended for pretty much his whole life!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

At the skate park

We checked out Area 702 indoor skatepark the other day, and now I've got some boys who are hooked! It's an awesome place.  Here's shots of Elias, Sebastian, and 2 neighbor's great fun! 

Sebastian Jumping Into Pool

This is Sebastian jumping into the pool. Showing off he can jump and go underwater and LOVE it!!

Civil War Reenactment

Ohmygosh I can't believe I haven't posted this yet! This was the best time!  I think it was in November, which you'd think would be cold enough to wear these woolen coats, but NO, it wasn't!! 

This was a Civil War Re-enactment at the Old Mormon Fort. Our homeschool group was the military! The group was divided into North and South, and dressed accordingly. They were assigned positions. Then they drilled for an hour.  An hour!!  They were getting bored.  But I'll tell you, and hour wasn't enough.  I now see why they had to train and train and train! 

Here's Elias, my little guy being dwarfed by a coat.


Here's Brian (2nd from the left)


Sebastian played through it all

yup, they made moms participate

Even me until (thankfully) my little guy needed me! (It was HOT!!!)

Elias carrying the flag

More marching

I don't know where all my pictures are of the finale....but they ended up going to war with water balloons! It was fabulous!  They had to advance, and the "shot" soldiers had to come was so very cool! And it really showed why drilling was important  (we kinda were straggly and not very efficient!)

I am so looking forward to doing this field trip again! I'm aiming for January or February!