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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vineman, CA Part 5

Ok, Vineman Recap! This is the real reason we came to Northern CA!

The early morning was COLD! Although the water was 72.5 the air was 54!! BRRR.  On Chris's way down for his wave, he saw his all time favorite (um....I'm at a loss for what this guy does or his name.....Chris can spot famous athletes from 2 miles away! I don't know who they are!)...athlete, Chris someone or another.  So he asked for  a photo op which the guy gladly gave.

Here's Chris ready for his swim wave. These goggles suck his face so much I tease that's he's Chinese not Mexican!

Here's Chris swim wave. This is in the Russian River, which seems to be at an all time low. Chris said there were spots he had to walk because it was so shallow.

Here's Chris coming out of the water.  his swim time was pretty good (for him!) , at 40 minutes.

And here he is off on his bike portion.....

Little Lovelies waiting for a sight of Dad,,,,,,

And here he comes, off the bike portion. He finished that in a respectable 2:50:48

And there he goes (in the red shirt, opposite lane) off on his running portion.

And here's what kept the boys occupied during those couple of hours!

Lo and behold, here he comes!  His run was a bit off. He thinks he didnt drink enough on the bike part, to be well hydrated for the run. He had some intense cramping during the run, which set his time back further than he would have liked.  He finished the run in 2:34:24

He finished the half Ironman in 6:18:47.  We knew he'd finish, even if it killed him, cause he's stubborn that way!

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