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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fort Ross, CA Part 2

Our 2nd Day in Northern Ca, we went up the coast to Fort Ross, state historic park.  I loved this place!

Fort Ross is an old Russian Fort on the coast. This is the chapel...just so beautiful!

Inside I was shocked/pleased to see a rotunda...coming from the East Coast where historical buildings abound, I can tell you, there are very few with "pretty" added! To see this beautiful wood work was just amazing.

Here's Little Lovely by the Cannon.

Elias was getting a kick out of ringing the church bell.

Here's another example of "pretty"...all the headboards, chests and trunks were beautifully painted!

Elias got to dress up as an Alaskan Fisherman-hunting for Sea Otters. See the pelt on his shoulder?

It was a great place to visit!  And, here's a funny for you, they have GOPHERS! A gopher problem, on the shore! The whole fort (ha!) has holes in it!

Then we stopped for lunch at this beautiful restaurant on the coast. It opened up to some beautiful trails down the bluffs.

Look at all these wildflowers!

And, our first sighting of SEALS!

After our beautiful day up the coast we decided to go inland back to town. (Note to self, don't do again).  It was a long trip through solitary roads, all rolling hills and ranchland. Beautiful, but long. We did get to see some deer along the way though!

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