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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cousins and New Year's Eve

We had the blessing of our littlest cousins staying with us for a few days over the holiday break. It was neat, because I finally got to "know" our youngest cousin's personality....and loved it!

This is New Year's Eve. I laid Sebastian down at normal bedtime, but Mattea thought she could stay up and just watch tv. Ahhaa, how'd that work out?

Finally, midnight struck, but it was FREEZING, literally, FREEZING out there. I had air horns and silly string, but noone wanted to go out!  Elias did a bit at the door, but quickly came back in.

So, the next morning we had to use up the silly string and air horns!

Yeah, I think this worked out better :) More fun and better pictures!  Happy New Year!!