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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bellagio Conservatory

Living in Las Vegas, we still live pretty far from "The Strip", and don't choose to frequent it much. But the one place we love, over and over, is The Bellagio Conservatory. It's a big glass roofed ...Conservatory! And they change the theme every few months. It's always spectacular..and exotic and wildly expensive to build/maintain, but free to go to!

I'm not sure what the theme is right now, maybe Americana?!?!  There was Mount Rushmore,

bald eagles, trains, and a mini Bellagio, complete with the outdoor fountains!

It's always exciting to see what they will incorporate into it, and the details!

Right around the corner, still in the Bellagio, is The World's Tallest and Largest Chocolate Fountain. We can never leave the building without looking at it.

Here's the plaque on the wall next to it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Learning to Somersault!

Oh my gosh I have the cutest baby! Of course I'm prejudiced!  He has been doing "somersaults" for a couple of days now. Yesterday we videotaped it with our new HD videocamera, but of course, don't yet know how to upload it to YouTube!  So, here's video taken from my camera's a little grainy, but you'll get the idea!

Yesterday's was funnier in that he was so close to bedtime that he was wearing himself out. At the end, he'd basically lay on the floor and roll over, then look for us to laugh!  It was hysterical!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Freezemont Street Experience

My oldest is part of a local Improv group. He is an "agent" and discusses possible plans and gatherings with other like-minded souls.

The group decided they would do a gathering where they would all freeze, in a public setting, for 5 minutes...causing mass confusion. This idea was patterned after the Frozen Grand Central Station Operation.

They decided they would do it at Freemont Street Experience...a covered street that's pedestrian only, with shops, and artists and a light show shown on the inside of the covering every few hours during the night.

The details of the "mission" apparently got leaked on a local radio show and they had massive amounts of people show up to partake.

My son is not shown in the video below...but this is it! He was "frozen" high-fiving his friend. He had a blast!  They are gearing up for their next mission, details to remain secret. It won't be another "freeze"  they do all sorts of things! Check it out, it's good clean fun!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spidey'd Out!

So, one of my parents projects this visit was to paint Elias' room. Last visit they did Brian's room (now a lovely shade of neon green, with black and gray furnishings and rugs). Elias made it clear he wanted a Spiderman room. For Christmas he got Spiderman border and peel & stick figurines. We picked out the room colors to match!  (I'm just lucky he didn't go for red and black) Now, keep in mind, this room was white and bubble gum pink, with a beautiful Ballerina border. Poor boy!  He's lived with it for a long time. This is much better!

Here's the border...part red Spidey part Black Spidey

The peel & stick things are cool cause you can add them anywhere! Closets and nightstand both got some.

And here's a new comforter and pillow Elias' grandmother made him. Now both beds have Spidey bedding!

It was a lot of work, but he's SO excited! And he adores his new curtains!  Before a street light was coming in through the he can sleep like a baby (or so I hope!)

He's been showing everyone the room today...even the baby's speech therapist! He's too cute!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


According to the temperature reader in my van, today was 105.  That's HOT! We spent the morning at my parent's hotel pool, swimming and relaxing. It was the perfect temp! This was Sebastian's first time swimming this season...and he loved it! He tried to get away from me on the beach entry. Then he kicked his little legs a lot while I was holding him.

Here's Nanny holding up Sebastian, and Elias peeking through.  It was rough trying to get good pics without getting splashed!

I always say I don't get pics of myself, well, my mom got one of me! Here I am with little lovely.

He played himself to sleep. Literally. He fell asleep in my arms, in the water and stayed that way for about 1/2 an hour. I love little snuggly creatures!  (Even if they do get heavy and leave weird tan marks on you....)

Elias meanwhile was having a blast being thrown by my dad, towards my mom, who would then "get them" by splashing them! He did it over and over and over and dad got tired before he did!

We're going out again tomorrow morning. It should be another hot day!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Finally, I have pics and a report! Brian went to 2 local teen formals last weekend. I only have pics of the 1st night, but that's ok, he wore the same outfit the 2nd night.

The first night the group went to a local Japanese Steakhouse, where they cook the meal in front of you. What fun! Brian loves these types of places, and the food!

After dinner they went back to one of the mom's houses. She had set up a dance floor in her backyard, and linen-covered tables, and desserts. All of the kids got a photo taken, and the girls got a long-stemmed rose.  AWWWW!!

Surprise of surprises, Brian got out on the dance floor! Some of the kids had taken a dance class earlier in the month, but it was during Brian's Japanese class. (They did offer a 2nd class, and Brian did get to take that...but it was after the dance!)

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was very well planned and everyone behaved wonderfully.

The next night a different local group went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. It was also very nice, but a little....long. The kids could only order 1 of 3 items;  (manicotti, lasangna or ravioli)  poor Brian isn't a huge Italian food lover, or pasta lover.  Then there was quite a while in between courses, or quite awhile by kid standards anyway.  And then a speaker. He just didn't have as much fun. For the experience, though, it was nice.


Brian, Ruben, Devlin & CJ  (aren't they dashing?!?!)

Doing some sort of line dance....

Wow, he's out there! I can't believe it!

We are looking forward to next year's formals! (Well, at least I am!!!)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trisomy 18

Warning...need tissues. 

Lately I've really been coming across a lot of blogs of families who have had children with Trisomy 18. Many of these children die soon after entering the world. Their impact is felt though, their lives touch ours....mine, and my children...even though we don't know them.  I watch the videos these families create, read their blogs, and cry for them. But I am also moved by how much love they have and how awesome Gos is....these kids truly rest in Jesus' arms much more wonderful can it get?

Here's one such blog I frequent..Seeing the World Through Different Eyes Because of Poppy Joy . Watch their video "My Chains Are Gone"

And here's the most amazing video of a family's journey with their special son.

Faith ~99 Balloons

How hard is it not to be so grateful for our own kids at this point? Be they terrible 2's, be they hormonal teens...they're here.  But these parents are just as grateful for the short time they've had their children.

I am truly moved by their grace and by their faith.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No More G-Tube

Today Little Lovely got rid of his G-Tube!!!

Small recap, he was failure to thrive (after thriving for many months) and ended up not taking anything by mouth (oral aversion) for a loooonnnngggg time.  So adverse that he even stopped nursing.  He has had a G-Tube since Sept. 2007 and was solely fed through it for a long time.  Slowly but surely he started feeling better and acting like a "normal baby", exploring with things in his mouth etc.  As he started trying more and more foods, we decreased his G-tube feedings.

Our last dr visit I told our GI dr that I think we'll be done with it by the time you see us next!  He still hadn't mastered drinking well and was still getting supplemental feeds, but now, 2 months later, he's totally been off the tube at home for close to 2 months! I was very hopeful that today would be the day!

Our Dr is so cool. Plus, he knows me, he knows I've been through this before, he tends to let me do a lot on my own...which is great (usually). He trusts my opinion, trusts my knowledge, and totally partners with me...but today he forgot my "little" problem with stomach contents!  He asked me if I just wanted to take the G-tube out at home myself.  HECK NO I DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost didn't even want to be in the same room! I sure didn't look!  I dread changing that pad.....ewwwwwww.  But, now it's done! 

See the smiley baby? Bandaged up but no more tubey to play with!

It's actually an exciting time because my parents are coming in to town tomorrow and this will be their first time seeing him since they were here last Sept  (during his hospitalization).  He's looking so perky and alert and will be great for them to see him with no tubes!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cinco De Mayo

A local (off-strip) Casino was having a Cinco de Mayo  festival in their parking lot today. Not that Elias knows/understands/cares about Cinco de Mayo...but ait was a family event, with jump houses, merry-go-round, mariachi bands, etc., so we went with our neighbors.

It was borderline too hot, but there was a breeze here and there, plus some shady spots.  The kids had a blast...and that's why we went!  So it was worth it.  Of course, I lucked out...Brian wasn't interested in going, so I left the baby home for his naptime with big brother!  This meant I didn't have to drag a cranky baby around in the heat for something that didn't interest him!  YEAH! Plus it was nice for Elias to have me take just him.
Look at this beautiful boy!  What a mischievous little smile he is wearing! He was weaving in and out of the palm trees, but I caught him! This was a big slide...he loved it.

Here's Elias and our neighbor friend...they are inseparable. I caught him mid-air..he says this picture is "awesome!!"

My little sweaty angel.  They had a soccer team doing face paintings..he wanted Spiderman but that was a little too complicated..they gave him a spider.  He went back later on and got another one on the other cheek.  They're cute!

I'm never in pictures!  I'm always the picture taker! My neighbor grabbed my camera and got this one...ok, I'll post it, you may never see another one! 

Fun couple of hours, then back home for air conditioning and ice-cream!