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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Freezemont Street Experience

My oldest is part of a local Improv group. He is an "agent" and discusses possible plans and gatherings with other like-minded souls.

The group decided they would do a gathering where they would all freeze, in a public setting, for 5 minutes...causing mass confusion. This idea was patterned after the Frozen Grand Central Station Operation.

They decided they would do it at Freemont Street Experience...a covered street that's pedestrian only, with shops, and artists and a light show shown on the inside of the covering every few hours during the night.

The details of the "mission" apparently got leaked on a local radio show and they had massive amounts of people show up to partake.

My son is not shown in the video below...but this is it! He was "frozen" high-fiving his friend. He had a blast!  They are gearing up for their next mission, details to remain secret. It won't be another "freeze"  they do all sorts of things! Check it out, it's good clean fun!

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