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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trisomy 18

Warning...need tissues. 

Lately I've really been coming across a lot of blogs of families who have had children with Trisomy 18. Many of these children die soon after entering the world. Their impact is felt though, their lives touch ours....mine, and my children...even though we don't know them.  I watch the videos these families create, read their blogs, and cry for them. But I am also moved by how much love they have and how awesome Gos is....these kids truly rest in Jesus' arms much more wonderful can it get?

Here's one such blog I frequent..Seeing the World Through Different Eyes Because of Poppy Joy . Watch their video "My Chains Are Gone"

And here's the most amazing video of a family's journey with their special son.

Faith ~99 Balloons

How hard is it not to be so grateful for our own kids at this point? Be they terrible 2's, be they hormonal teens...they're here.  But these parents are just as grateful for the short time they've had their children.

I am truly moved by their grace and by their faith.

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