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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Civil War Days and Seals, CA Part 4

Saturday was the day I was most looking forward to, in our CA Adventure. They had Civil War Days,  a Civil War reenactment.  I've never been to one and wasn't altogether sure what to expect.  It was fabulous! There was a vendor section with great Civil War reproduction pieces, everything!  From clothing, to buttons, to patches, to candles, to books, to was fabulous!

Then the recreation was wonderful! So realistic! And so loud!

Little lovely with ear protection

Drum and Fife Corps

Florence Nightingale (maybe?)

Some fell....

After this wonderful event, we went up the coast again and found this great spot where we could park and walk to within throwing distance of Seals!   It's called Goat Rock State Park.  Truly wonderful!

Here's the view from above....this is where the Russian River meets the Ocean

This is a "seal nursery". The Harbor Seals nurse their babies in this area. We were so lucky to see them!

How do they get on these rocks?

This is after we parked and walked....we are about 200 feet from them!

Very very awesome!

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