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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Days flying by.....

Man, the days are flying by!! Last week I spoke at 2 local support group meetings, met Tirzah and family, had a field trip, all in addition to Seb's and Elias' therapies!

This week it's been juts as crazy!

Tuesday we had a Resurrection Party with one support group. They did a nice job, included the teens this year. Sometimes it's hard with kids of all different age ranges to find ONE event that fits them all, but this one was AOK!

Then Wed we had a Egg Hunt/Picnic with our other support group. This was just a fun time at a neat state lake, lots of trees and picnic tables, we even saw folks horseback riding! Beautiful day of just free play!

I'd show pics but we can't find the camera right now?!?! This is what happens when your teen is always experimenting with taking interesting photos to then mess around with their images.... Chris and I had to run a bunch of errands. We took the baby with us and stopped at Payless and got him a pair of sneakers. He's walking so well now and the few little hand me down pairs I have are getting too small. Now he has LIGHT-UP CARS shoes like Elias!! He's so cute in them!!

Tomorrow is city-wide homeschool a horrible hour of 9:30am, so we'll be gone much of the day for that. Kids love it though.

And, we're trying to spend as much time outdoors right now as's that in between weather where it's not too hot and not too cold!

As soon as baby wakes up, out we'll go! Elias will practice bike riding..after the winter, he needs to practice some more in preparation for taking off his training wheels!

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