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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tot Locks

I always have to laugh when someone new to my house automatically assumes the trash is under the sink and goes to open the cupboard door. There is no opening the door! Not even a crack!

You know how most child proof locks you can stick your finger down in there and release it?!? Not with the sweet ones I have on!

They are called Tot Locks. Here's a link about them.
I LOVE them. I bought them eons ago when Elias was a baby.

They are have to screw them on, and once the door is shut, you cannot open it until you place the magnet on the outer door. I have them on all my bathroom cabinets and my under the sink kitchen cabinets where cleaners are stored.

For me, I find it easiest to keep the Magnetic Opener ALWAYS to the left of the sink, in each room. It's it's home. When everything has a home, you can find it! We've never lost an opener. You grab it, sweep it over the inside (and you get to where you magically KNOW where it is, even though you can;t see it!) and then you put it right back!

I LOVE them!!! They are slightly more expensive than the little plastic guys...but they are un-cheatable! Lowes carries them, maybe Home Depot too, I haven't looked there. Also Babies R Us.

It makes it so I know the kitchen area is safe for the baby (who's now a toddler) to play in!

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