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Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6, 2008

Just some updates on us:

Sebastian is walking like crazy! Not running yet, but walking for sustained amounts of time. Its so cute!!!!!

Brian decided to chart how many grams of sugar he ate in one day, because I accuse him of eating to much. He presented me with his findings at the end of the day. I stand corrected. At least for THAT day!!!!

Elias....oh Elias!! He had his first appointment with the dentist. Our old insurance didn't cover them until they were 6, so I never worried about taking him in. It's time though! I found a great dentist, my neighbor uses him for her children. A pediatric dentist, you're allowed back with them, they do not restrain....

My poor boy. He was scared going in..understandable. It was a fabulously fun place, video games, etc. But, then the "torture" started. They tried to do XRays. Apparently he's "a gagger". It was not pleasant. They stopped.

Then they moved on to cleaning. It was going ok, until she squirted the water in...laying down, squirting in water...yup, he started gagging. He was hysterically crying. It was so sad. He just wanted to leave and I had to make him stay. They didnt do any more work on him, but we did have to meet with the dentist and determine if there were any cavities. There were a couple small ones. Luckily he calmed down, we watched another little boy get an exam, and then we stayed in the waiting room playing video games for a bit. He's still alive!

The dentist thinks he has subconscious issues from when he was a baby and sick..feeding tube down the nose/throat, lots of throwing up, oral issues...bottom line....and let me preface this with..we don't really medicate our kids. We try to go homeopathic as often as possible, and just avoid all sorts of things, but he's going to be sedated to get through the procedure. It's either that or hospitalize him. Well, I can understand anxiety and how you can't always control this instance I'm ok with it...wish it didn't have to be this way, but it is. So...we'll try, hopefully he'll be able to make it through!

In funnier matters...every morning I have to give Sebastian some prune juice (no, he doesn't drink it, it's through his feeding tube!) He's been very constipated since he started eating real food. Elias saw me doing it and asked me "What's that poop juice called?" HAHAHAH Poop Juice! New name!!

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