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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meeting a HSB

So one of my "friends" at HSB is Tirzah, over at Yearnin 4 Some Learnin . Recently she let me know she'd be coming to Vegas  (where I live) and wanted to hook up!  I LOVE meeting other homeschoolers!!  If you're ever traveling near by, let me know!

So, I invited her to meet us at a field trip, to a local all you can eat pizza buffet and school tour of their kitchen.

Here are Brian and one of her daughters. They hit it off right away.  Brian is such a ladies man!

Here's the youngest of both our cute!!!

She got there before me and I am proud to say some of the other group members welcomed her and introduced themselves. We have a GREAT GROUP! Very friendly and inclusive.

We had a grand time. Every ate, everyone got along, it was fun! Afterwards they came over to my turns out her mom lives LITERALLY a street up from me. How fun!

Brian and her 2 oldest clicked and just gabbed and laughed all afternoon long.  Elias and her 2 youngest went back and forth between playing outside and playing inside...having a grand old time! That left Tirzah and I to chat. What a neat lady, and what a love for The Lord

Hey, here's hoping to her trip being so awesome they decide they just HAVE to move here!

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