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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Gifts

This week a tragedy struck a friend's family...her mother in law had a heart attack, followed by her husband having a heart attack, followed by his father suddenly dying that same night, followed by a triple bypass surgery the next day for the husband. Can you say WHEW?!?

One of my gifts is organization and the ability to DO. I can easily take action, I can lead, I see what needs to get done and I do it. We have another friend who is much the same, so she and I have "taken charge". We've sat with our friend during the surgery, we've put out calls for donations for various needs the family has, we're coordinating all the donations and kids getting places, and just being there for our friend.

I'm a DOER.

One of our other friends was lamenting to me the fact that I'm such a DOER and shes not. God knows I love her, but its the truth, she's a dawdler, a talker, a hugger, a s--l-o-w----p-o---k--e with little to no organizational skills. She'll admit it!That's not the point though.

She was sad and feeling not as useful as me. In her self esteem of not feeling adequate, she builds me up to HIGH places, when I'm just HUMAN! I'm just being me and DOING, because that's me!

So, in a conversation with her today she suggested that I do something, which I quickly dismissed as not my business, not really necessary etc etc.

Lo and behold, not a half an hour later it was made evident to me through a hysterical phone conversation with our friend who's family is being so affected, that I need to BRING UP doing what was suggested AND DO IT.

And I DID.

But let me tell you. I'm not a fast thinker on my feet. I need things planned out. I need plans a, b and c, and options to choose from if one does not work.

On my own I would NOT have suggested what I did. It just wouldn't have even come to me!

But, God used my friend who was feeling low to bring it to me when she did and I could use it accordingly.

I called my friend up and told her I felt God had used her, but maybe it wasn't the way she had been hoping. I think we all have gifts, but if we're so busy looking at other people's gifts, and lamenting that they aren't our gift, we might not SEE our own gifts!

If you're one of these people, know that God uses you how HE wants to. It may not be how YOU want to, but He will use you if you are open to it!

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