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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alphabet Stomp

I just love creative and crafty ideas...sadly I don't come up with many on my own. My friend Jene is responsible for a lot of cool stuff in my house, as in the case of the Alphabet Stomp game.

She used these in our Alphabet Class, and presented Elias with his own set for one of his birthdays. It's a set of feet cut out of fun foam. Lowercase and Uppercase on each side. Different color for the vowels. How easy!

You can do a bunch of different things with these "feet"...we start off by using them for letter recognition. Mom calls out "U", child has to find the "U" and jump on it. Eventually we move up to spelling out words....Mom says "Spell CAT", Child finds and jumps C-A-T. Cool!

And here's what Sebastian does (if we're lucky)...sits and watches. When we're not so lucky he is trying to walk off with various needed letters, or jumping himself and scattering them all over!

Thanks, Jene, for helping keep learning fun and ACTIVE! Love your great ideas!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! I will probably use this for my Pre-K daughter. I like the idea of using the foam for durability since you will be jumping on it. You might like the Alphabet game that I have on my blog ( And we call our two-year old the Destroyer! LOL!