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Friday, March 6, 2009

Soccer Award

I almost have to laugh at myself....I love to to share the cool stuff we're doing, love to show off pics of my boys...but the process is sometimes LONNNNGGGG

Often I'll break it up into little "jobs". First I'll sit down and upload all my pictures from the camera to the computer. Then I'll upload the ones I've decided to use for blogging to Photobucket. Then I'll resize them, do a tad of red-eye removal etc. THEN I'll open up a new post and throw that picture into it, label it and save it.

Then I'll forget about it in lieu of all the cool new things we've done. is a picture I saved way back December 7, 2008 of Elias's end of Soccer party.

His first award! He was so excited. His 2nd season of soccer is about to start up this month and he can't wait! He's certainly my Mr. Active

And, for your viewing pleasure, and comic relief, I have even older pictures I'll be getting around to posting soon!

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