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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Knights Part 1

Knights also took 2 weeks. I had some grand ideas for these weeks, but a few of them didn't work out.

1) Build or borrow a trebuchet. Some simple instructions can be found online. I didn't feel that my class could handle making one, but I sure would have loved to shown one off!

2) Get a speaker in on Homing Pigeons. I use local speakers whenever I can..find an expert at local pigeon or racing club, and ask if they can come in, speak about the birds, their use through history and maybe even bring a bird in with them! Over the years I've had a beekeeper speak, a man from the Bonzai society and more. Most people with genuine hobbies and intellects love to share their knowledge!

Knights Outline Part 1

1. Discuss what is the Middle Ages?

2. Talk about Castles
Parts of castles, different uses, and how they were protected.
They all ended up drawing castles

3. Build a castle out of blocks
I thought this would go over well, it didn't.

4. Talk about Knights
Different Stages, What their job was, etc.

5.Show pictures of their armor

6. Make a Helmet
We collected milk jugs, 1 per child. Cut off the tops, cover with aluminum foil. I had found foam swords and breastplates of armor (plastic) at the dollar store. Couldn't pass that up! So, they had a complete outfit each!

7. Jousting
With their new swords of course they had to joust!

Look for part 2!

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