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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dinosaurs, Part 2

This is the 2nd week of our Magic Tree House bookclub. It's a continuation of Dinosaurs. The first week outline can be seen here: Dinosaurs Part 1.

Here's my outline. My notes are in italics.

Dinosaurs Part 2: Extinction & Fossils


1.What is Extinction
The cessation of existence of a species

2. Discussion of other extinct animals: Sabertooth tigers, Mastodon, Wooly Mammoth,

3. Why would certain animals stop existing?
maybe their eggs were eaten by the dinosaurs' natural enemies, or by other dinosaurs;maybe the land moved and caused the weather to change; when the weather changed the plants living at that time were not able to thrive and produce the amount of food needed to feed the dinosaurs, and the dinosaurs could not continue; maybe a large star caused an explosion of cosmic rays that killed them all; or, maybe a storm of meteors caused clouds to block the sun, which again affected the plants because they could not produce the amounts of food the dinosaurs required.


1.So, how do we know they existed?

2. Encountering the Idea- Activity
This activity is using a baby as the example. I did an additional one, where I printed off clues from the Internet. I did a Grand Canyon Park Ranger. I printed pictures of: Army color green, a gun, a blank shield, a picture of a US Park Ranger shield, a blank outline map of Arizona, an outline map of the US, with AZ colored in, a picture of scenic Grand Canyon.....all to equal a Grand Canyon Park Ranger.

3. What is a Fossil? What is a Paleontologist?

4. Show some fossils
I have some various real and reproduction fossils. Here's a reproduced set. I got my real ones from Ebay.

5.Digging for Dinosaurs - Activity
I bought extra cookies because inevitably, someone wanted to eat them! I let them eat the leftovers.

6. Coffee Ground Fossils – Activity
I called my local Starbucks and had them reserve some grounds for me as I'm not a coffee drinker. I got way more than I needed! But, it's good info in case you need grounds! And it's free! I used 1 batch for every 4 student. We imprinted them with various objects, including playdough cutters. We sprayed them with Pam first to help get the dough off easier. Worked great! They did take a week or so to dry though.

These are the things I didn't get to...but please know, there is SO much available! Just search "dinosaur, activities" etc. I usually also have on hand some coloring pages for the kids....either when I'm reading/talking to them, or for the little girls who love to color.

Dinosaur Activities
Information on our State Dinosaur
Dinosaur Coloring Pages

There's even a Certificate of Achievement

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