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Monday, November 2, 2009

Puerto Vallarta Misconceptions and Education

Somehow Chris and I had a lot of "americanized" maybe, misconceptions. One thinks of Mexico, as old cars, laborers, natural birthing, poor, etc.

We were very surprised by so much we saw and learned. They are more in time with medical things than we thought...LOADS of cosmetic dentists down there, women who get C-sections on schedule, boob jobs. Really?! It was amazing.

It was also very industrious. Families encourage their children to start working at 8, and moving up in the business. Chris' friends owned and ran 3 different businesses, simultaneously! We saw people working hard and WILLING to work.

It totally changed our perception of the laborers standing outside Star Nursery etc. At least they're WILLING to work, instead of sucking off of welfare.

The thing that surprised me, as a female, was the bathrooms! Often there were no toilet seats, and except for in the hotel, you are not allowed to flush toilet tissue. At first I didn't quite understand this, "please put your paper in the trash"...well, duh! Then I saw it every where, and.....sometimes the cans had toilet paper in them...hmmm.....

Yes, when there is no sewer, you don't want to clog up your pipes! I am so glad I only had to go #1 in public, cause I don't think I could leave dirty toilet tissue in some of those garbage cans. EWWWWWWW

Would I go again, you betcha! Would I recommend you go? You betcha!

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