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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ancient Greece & Olympics Part 2

Ancient Greece & The Olympics, Part 2 Outline

1. Make Olympic Medals
Less paint = less time to dry = kids can actually wear them when done with The Games.

Here they are painting their "awards".

2. Make Olympic Torches

3. Make Olympic Olive Wreath Crowns

4. Play Olympic Games
We told them they all had to pretend to be boys, since no girls were allowed to play. They did Chariot Races (which were really them running riding their pony sticks), foot races and Discus (frisbee)

Here they are "racing their chariots".

Elias was a master discus thrower (we used a frisbee)

5. Awards Ceremony

Here's Elias with his crown of Olive Leaves, Medal and an Olympic Torch

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