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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ancient Rome & Pompeii Part 1

Ancient Rome & Pompeii also took 2 weeks. Here's our first week's outline.

Ancient Rome Outline, Part 1

1. Story of Rome's beginnings
Myth of Romulus and Remus

2. All about Rome
From the Research Guide, showed pictures of the Colosseum, The Aqueducts, The Pantheon & The Baths. Much discussion.

3. What is a Gladiator

4. Gladiators Step Book
From the Gladiators Lesson Plan I made the books ahead of time for the 8 and under crowd. The others made their own. It got a good giggle out of them, trying to come up with similes about how gladiators smell, feel, eat, etc.

5. Interview with a Gladiator
I took turns having different children be gladiators and asking them the questions.

6. Make a paper mache volcano
This did take awhile to dry. good thing we didn't meet for a week! We made the base this week, inside a Rubbermaid container. Next week we'll paint it.

7. Erupt small volcano
This is a tiny plastic model volcano. The kids had fun just letting it "erupt" and adding different color food colorings to it.

Look for Part 2!
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