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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ancient Rome & Pompeii Part 2

Here's Part 2 of our study on Ancient Rome and Pompeii (including volcanoes of course!)

Ancient Rome and Pompeii Outline Part 2

1. Paint the paper mache volcanoes

2. Talk to them about Pompeii. Show pictures of the casts of bodies found.

3. Talk to them about Ancient Roman Foods and menus

4. Make Eggs with Honey

5. Have an Ancient Roman Feast
I made: Chicken legs from this recipe They liked it.
The eggs with honey (which everyone LOVED!)
A platter of grapes, cheese and raisins
Cheesecake for desert
And the biggest Hit, the thing they will be talking about for years to come...The Jellyfish. Yes, you heard right. Jellyfish. Yup, people eat it. People even eat it today. I found some at a local Asian market. Here's the Jellyfish Recipe I used. It was very simple and pretty cheap. BIG reaction though! They actually LOVED it! Many took samples home for their dads. One little boy even called his grandmom to tell her about it, right then and there! What a hit! (Of course I was totally nauseated and had to stay out of the room EWWWW)

Jellyfish before it's cooked

This little girl ate SO much jellyfish I was actually nauseated FOR her!

Here's a partial look at our spread

6. Erupt our volcanoes. Luckily I had bought big jugs of vinegar at Costco...these volcanoes, being juice bottles, required a LOT of vinegar. We went through 4 boxes of Baking Soda!


Go over some famous Romans (Cleopatra, Caesar, etc)
Learn about Roman Gods
Learn Latin
Compare Latin and English Words
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