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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Out of all the Magic Tree House Books and crafts, the below Northern Lights craft has to be one of the most beautiful...I wish I could someday see them myself!

1. First we talked about "What is the arctic circle?"
I use a globe and a print out of the Arctic Circle

2. Read some facts about the arctic from the research guide

3. Learned about the Aurora Burelais (Northern Lights)

4. Paint Northern Lights
I used this picture of the Northern Lights as my inspiration. We used black construction paper and painted broad sweeping strokes of beautiful colors of paint all across the paper. Then added some sugar to some water and brushed that over the paint. When it dried it glistened. This was my favorite because it was really pretty!

Painting the Aurora Burelais

5. Polar Bear book
I had these pre-printed. The kids colored them while I was talking about Polar Bears

6. Polar Bear Facts

7. Snowflake craft
If you hate glitter, this is not for you. I did not enjoy this craft!


8. Snowman snack
Made out of marshmallows and pretzel sticks

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