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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lions at Lunchtime

Lions at Lunchtime, a Magic Tree House Book, was set in Africa. For our book club we learned about lions, of course, and also various African things....

1.Who were the Masai

I used various websites to share information with the children
masai culture
masai and i

2. Swahili words
I found a website (sorry didn't save it!) that has pictures of objects and their swahili names. I cut them out and gave each child a few to read. It was fun seeing which words we already know in the English Language (Simba, etc)

3. Honey Guides
I told the children how these birds were used...which brought us to honeycombs!

4. Honey Combs
I bought a jar of honey with the comb still in it, so the kids could see what it is. Then they got to try some

5. Crayon Batik Craft
I printed out various African Animals Coloring Sheets. I explained batiking and away they went.

6. Rumble in the Jungle
I read this to them, showcasing all the various animals in the Jungle

7. Lions facts

8. Color African Masks

They colored these while I read some Lion Facts

9. Sleeping Lions Game

10. Lion Cub Game

Making Drums out of cups

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