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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gorillas In the Morning

This was a relatively short lesson....a lot of talk, not a lot of crafts.

1. Gorilla Facts
I printed off some basic facts and went over them

2. Sign Language
We discussed the concept of sign language and learned a few signs. Some of the children knew some, so they shared their knowledge also.

3. Endangered species
We learned about this in our previous lesson, so it was a good reminder

4. How humans affect mountain gorillas
Poaching and Environmental Encroaching

5. Read Koko's Kitten

6. Draft a letter or draw a picture for Koko.
Originally I was going to have the children draft a letter each, and then time providing, type them into email for Koko. When the actual lesson came, I had less help than needed to transcript for all the non-writers, so I added in drawing, and just decided to mail the whole packet. has a Kids for teachers and how to contact Koko.

Make a Rain Stick
(this seems like it has been my fallback activity a couple of times now! Maybe one day we'll get to it.)

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