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Monday, November 23, 2009

Day of the Dragon King, Ancient China

This is the week of Day of The Dragon King in our Magic Treehouse Bookclub. It only took us one week to cover.

Day of the Dragon King Outline

1. Talked about the significance of Dragons and animals as symbols

2. Make a Dancing Chinese Dragon
I had pre-printed out dragon heads

3. Talk about Silk and silkworms
I showed the class some silk, and an old book that shows pictures of the process of making silk

4. Talk about rice, and the importance of it.
I happen to own Chinese Rice Pattern Bowls. I showed them to the class, how the rice granules are baked into the pottery and how translucent they look afterwards.

5. How to eat with chopsticks

6. Chinese feast
This unit was in January, which happens to be when Chinese New Year Party City had 1/2 an aisle with neat little party decorations, hats, chopsticks, plates and more!

All sorts of printables and activities

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