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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ancient Egypt Part 1: Mummies

Ancient Egypt is always a BLAST to do! This study took us 2 weeks. In years past we've mummified a chicken, and a fish.

This year we thought we'd follow our friend Jene's example and mummify Barbie. It's a lot less smelly! You can follow along with what we did from her great explanation.

1. Mummify Barbie

Cutting out amulets to put in the wrappings

Barbie getting "salted" (I found naked Barbies at the thrift store for about $1 each)

Ripping Muslin to wrap Barbie. I started each piece with 2" cuts all across the top. made the pulling MUCH easier!

Wrapping Barbie

Finished Mummies


2. Toilet Paper Mummies
We wrapped a roll of toilet paper around each child, until they were a mummy! Then they got to "break free"

TP Wrapping

TP Mummy

Some of us then decided to make Snow Angels in the TP

Lest you think we were wasteful, we composted all the rolls of toilet paper! Note, the younger the wrappers are, the more rolls of toilet paper needed, because they don't have the arm span to go around and around continously...rather keep breaking and restarting.

Look for Ancient Egypt Part 2!

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