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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Puerto Vallarta Tequila

Chris and I don't drink. We're not anti-drinking, we just don't. Ever. We were very surprised/amused at how much drinking is part of the Mexican Culture. Every tour we went on had drinking, even a brief stop at a Jewelry store had a bar set up in the corner for a quick refreshing alcoholic beverage!  Our tour guide imbibed during a day-long tour! It was funny.

As part of one of our tours we stopped at an old, family run, Tequila making place, Tequila Don Crispin.

This is the agave that Tequila comes from.

These are the pipes...I think water runs through to cool something? I don't remember, sorry! It was a unique experience because here in the US everything is so regulated and so machine-operated, this is all by hand and old-fashinoned!

The thing we mostly took away with us is that Jose Cuervo is not real pure tequila. It is mixed, therefore the headache the next day. With this stuff, they say, "No headache!"

After the whole process was described to us, there was a tasting of 3 different tequila flavors. And, of course the ability to buy!  Wish we knew someone who appreciated pure tequila....we didn't end up buying any but it was a cool trip!

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