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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Howell Living Farm

While we were in NJ we went to a Living Historical Farm. I've been taking my kids there ever since Brian was little, and I still love it!

Elias and Sebastian had a grand time. You just walk around and spend time at your leisure. There was a woman this time who took us around on an impromptu tour and allowed us to do many things that were cool!

Here's Sebastian helping pump water and fill the water bin.

Elias got to take all the corn kernels off a corn cob, preparing for grinding it.  That was hard work!

But he finished the whole cob! (It took him about 10 minutes....we kept explaining this would have been your chore, you would have to work harder and faster)

I helped him grind it...the pigs ate 2 buckets, 3x a day. We finished grinding 1 bucket.

Here's what Sebastian was busy doing while Elias was working!

This is an actual Living, working farm. Everything is done the way it was done in the late 1800's. This farmer had mucked out the stalls, to the manure pile, and was loading up his spreader with manure. Later we watched him take it to the field and spread it all over, come back for another run and repeat until the field is done.

Elias got to feed the pigs some scraps. He learned to call them for their feeding time , "Sueeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii!"  They came running!

We got to pet the sheep as they were resting in the shade. We poked our finger down in their wool until we hit their body....they had a good 2" of wool on them! We got to bring home a baggie of the wool from the sheep.

There is an original (but somewhat added on to) homestead at this farm, and the kitchen is much intact. The farm worker is showing Elias the refrigerator.  This farm has a pond, and an Ice House. They cut and store their own ice. During the weekend when they have lots of visitors, they use their own ice to chill their refrigerator!

Here the boys are, just having fun!

Can't wait to go back!

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