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Monday, October 26, 2009

1st Preschool Class

This year I am teaching an Alphabet Class, in the style of my dear friend Jene!  She offered one when Elias was younger, and he participated for 3 years. Now that she's moved away, it's my turn to take the helm with Sebastian.

Our first gathering was random crafts and activities, just to get the kids familiar with the routine. After that each week will be based on a letter of the alphabet.

First we did a pattern using Fruit Loops, and a toothpick stuck into a Styrofoam plate  (Yes, all I had left were Christmas themed ones!) Yummy activity too! This is easily it by pattern, count how many are being added, name the colors, whatever! This wonderful idea is not mine, it came from Teaching Two-Fruit Loops Math-Part 2. Thanks!

Then we did searching for items in rice.  I used the plastic Counting Bears. (also not my idea....darn, I save so many bookmarks that I can't find them later, so sorry!) This is very tactile, they just LOVED it!  I had 2 containers going at once, 1 person counted as the bears were found, while the other was "finding" them. Then they switched.  I saved the rice afterwards in a ziplock bag labeled "Not For Eating".

Lots of other stuff tried out that day, none of it photographed! But it was a fabulous success. I think the kids are going to have loads of fun! I'll post our "schedule" sometime soon.

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