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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today & support groups

We had our annual Valentine's Day party with one of our support groups today and had decent weather and a great time! I say one of our support groups as I belong to quite a few. This happens to be the Inclusive group that I started with 2 other friends, with activities centered on our side of town! It's member-run, very loose, very informal.

I always encourage families to join a couple of support groups....see which ones fit, and what they all offer. Two of the groups I belong to offer parents meetings. Those are sometimes nice to go to! One offers a day of teen academic classes, and the other offers a day of elementary academic classes. The 3rd group, "my group", is where we do most of our field trips and park days.

Joining more than one group can come with hazards though....overload of stuff to do, and too many commitments to help. You don't have to sign up for EVERYTHING! And, instead of being "assigned" to help somewhere, sometime, think on what your gifts are, and offer them!

My main role in all my groups is one of political liason. I let them all know what's going on, when, and where we need help! I also love being a contact for "newbies" so I lead mentoring for the 2 groups that have parent's meetings. I'm always available outside of the meetings though if anyone wants to gab homeschooling! It's my passion!

So, back to V's Day Party....nice weather, a little windy (A preview of tonight when they had to shut down our airport ...constant gustings over over 40-60 mph). All the kids brought V's day cards to exchange, lined up their baskets and went down the line dropping in their goodies. What excitement looking at all their candy and cards!

Plus, being homeschoolers, we got to do it at a park, complete with a potluck, and just enjoy the nice weather! A few hours of playing, food, and fun, and we headed home.

We have more V's Day festivities tomorrow! Tomorrow is actually going to have a few back to back events, which I generally HATE doing, but couldnt get around it without missing something.

Elias will go to speech at 12:30, be picked up at 12:50. In between there, my friend Angela will pick up Brian and drop off her daughter. Then I'll take her daughter and Sebastian to pick up Elias and go straight to gymnastics at 1pm. Gymnastics is fun, they really have a good time. Sadly, this is baby's nap time, and he's usually either left home with Daddy (who's working tomorrow) or with Brian (who will be going to Teen Bunko, which overlaps the elementary stuff, so Im running the littles, and Angela's running the Bigs.)

After gymnastics ends (2pm) we will hoof it to our other support group's V's Party (starts at 2) which will be different than todays...more games and activities, versus free play at the park.

Writing this reminds me that this is as far planned as Angela and I have gotten! Am I taking her daughter home after the party? Or am I going to take them all to the teen bunko activity?!?! Details to iron out. Luckily, I am surrounded by people that I implicitly trust my kids with. If I dont make it somewhere, she'll have them, they'll eventually get home, and they'll be AOK meanwhile! Then, after the teen party, there's ANOTHER teen activity at ice cream social. So, we'll be running around for that too.

Hopefully everyone will have fun and the few moments of running will be worth it!

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