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Thursday, February 7, 2008


So, this is a continuation of my entry on Transcripts. If you haven't read it, please do...I go over not only why you shouldn't get a GED but also how to transcript. I also talk about how different colleges may want this or that or the other thing...none are bad to have, and none should create panic in the mom! 

A common question new homeschoolers have is, "What about a Diploma?" Everyone seems to put so much stock in HAVING one, yet, have you ever had anyone ask to see it? Mine is buried deep in my filing cabinet.  Now, I have had to check mark that I have a high school diploma. That's a standard for seeing how high your education level reached.

Let me put your mind at ease with my most common phrase, "A diploma is not a legal piece of paper, it's merely a document issued by the director of the student's education."

Guess what?! That's YOU! You are the director of their education!  You get to say when they are done!  You get to issue such a certificate!  You can print one up,  or if you want to go in style, there are companies that make them!  Your homeschooled student can own a hardbound, parchment paper, calligraphied, gold leafed DIPLOMA  for a relatively small fee!  My favorite company is run by a homeschool mom, called  You can get any variation of diploma style created, you can even buy a cap and gown for a graduation ceremony.

And, yes, your child can check off  "high school graduate"...they completed THEIR course of study as prescribed by the director of their education!

Hope this helps ease you some more! Once the college or employer sees the level of dedication to the interest area, they will be blown away by the education our kids have had.

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