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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Swinging, Mazes and Steps

Did I tell you all that the other night the baby took 6 steps?!?!  He's amazing. He's coming so far, so fast!  He is also into mimicking sounds. Chris has a cough and baby keeps "coughing" too. It's hilarious!!!

In Elias news, he learned how to swing today!  As in, not needing a push, being able to pump himself! He was so proud!  We have a swingset in the backyard and the weather this week has just been GREAT!  He's spent hours out there! (we've been out weeding too...not as much fun)

More Elias news...he loves mazes. One day I bought him this little maze workbook at the teacher store, he did all 42 pages in ONE sitting. This is part of my philosophy of learning. I'm not going to STOP him from something he enjoys. He spent much of that day doing mazes. Sadly, it's hard to find maze BOOKS.  Well, hello Internet!  I found the coolest site tonight Printable Mazes.  I spent quite awhile printing off all the Alphabet ones. They have mazes in each letter, lower case and capitol case.  Plus many more.  They are harder than EASY but not too hard. On average they are taking 2 minutes or less, and a couple of tries.

I love watching their brains spin. You can almost follow what they are thinking.."no, not that way, it dead ends...oh, don't go that way, it stops too....oh, back up, back up,.....YESS here we go!!!!"

Brian update...he is busy fixing an old computer of ours up for a friend, who's computer is mega slow. He's putting xubuntu, a linux operating system, on it, to speed it up, and configuring it to look like Windows, as our friend is a tad computer needs to run like how she's used to! What the boy can't do!!

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