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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bath Time

Baths...most often loved by small children, fraught with splishing and splashing...but it wasn't that way for Elias. Elias has ALWAYS hated baths. I have a picture of him (it's not on the computer or I'd load it here, it's SO funny - well, in hindsight...) where he is 2 mo old SCREAMING and PURPLE from screaming during a bath.

Then, to make him hate baths more, Elias was in the hospital for 6 straight weeks when he was about 1 1/2, they only let you sponge bathe he got used to that, and even tolerated it!  So, when we came home, I had to stand him at the edge of the tub and sponge bathe, simple and it worked. Except he NEVER Stepped foot IN the tub.

Fast forward till age 4 1/2. My sister-in-law and family (5 kids) moved in for 6 months while they were building their house. What a neat time that house can hold 8 kids without a problem, it was a little loud for my husband's tastes, but suited me PERFECTLY!  I can totally see myself living a communal lifestyle..everyone taking turns watching the kids, grocery shopping, cooking, it's for me!

Anyway.....her 2 youngest would always shower together  (I have a huge walk-in handicapped shower), and Elias was finally brave enough to try it. It soon became a nightly ritual for the 3 of them to shower together. What fun and what cute memories!!!

Bath time was reserved for one night a week...where they got lots of play time! Soon, Elias tried that too, and loved it!!! Finally!

Now, Elias is the Big Brother. Sebastian just started being able to sit up on his own for a sustained amount of time...long enough to try the bathtub! Unlike his brother, Sebastian LOVES water, loves slapping it, playing with toys, even getting his hair washed! So...we threw them in the tub together and watched the fun begin!

I couldn't even get a picture of a smile, he was too busy playing...but he is smiling while he plays!

To each his own...sponge baths for a few years, shower for awhile, then blossom on and be able to teach someone else how to play in the's kind of like life! Each of us moving at our own rates and eventually mastering it, and being lucky enough to model it for those under us.

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