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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Interesting Day....

So, today was a busy but good day. Lots of interesting things going on!

My husband's work gives out trips every year to the 3 drivers who book the most hours. 2 years ago Chris won the top prize, a trip to Hawaii. It was a great trip, wrong timing!

Last year, he also won the top prize, another trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, if we thought timing was "off" on the first trip, this trip saw us through health issues for me, and the baby, and the beginnings of a reparation of our marriage. Definitely not the best time to go away. We asked his boss if we could hold onto it for awhile, and he graciously agreed. We are scheduled to go in June, and very much looking forward to it.

Today was the "meeting" day, with announcements of who won what, this year. Now, this year, Chris has been home A LOT, but he's also still working quite a bit. It was a pleasant surprise to hear he placed 2ND!! Now, in addition to our upcoming Hawaii trip (airfare and hotel paid for), we have a trip to Puerto Vallarta!!! I've never been there, but boy oh boy are we feeling blessed today!!! What a "reward" for spending his time on better things (family & exercise) . Wow!!!!!

In other news...this is...interesting...and I understand it's not for everyone....but I'm pleased that it worked out....get to the point I know! To put it plainly, today, a local high school class got to see me "in all my glory", giving birth to Elias. The teacher was looking for realistic home videos of births, and a local mom put the call out for help...and I responded.

Very in your..substitute face for other body part... style footage. Let me tell you, that was probably the LONGEST 9 minutes of those kids lives!!!!!! 9 minutes of ALL NATURAL, no drugs, pushing a baby out of something that shouldn't be stretched that big!!

It was very realistic, not all quiet and edited. Very full of me saying "I can't do this anymore", small episiotomy, blood, etc etc. Another plus was it showed my birth plan in action. Baby placed immediately on my chest. Waiting to cut the cord. Immediate nursing. Bonding with the baby for an hour before taking him to nursery for weigh in.

I don't know why I was led to respond and allow this. I sure am not a public nudity person, didn't really want many people in the delivery room...but I guess it goes towards my beliefs....educate people on what they're getting into, show them realistically so they can make informed decisions, and advocate for kids/parents (use of birth plan, breastfeeding, etc etc). All in all, I am super pleased I was able to do it.

Can anyone guess what Elias has been watching over and over again in the ensuing day? He LOVES to watch the video of him being born. He loves The Baby Story, loves all things baby, and just loves this video. It's crazy/cool/weird/loving all at once.

I love my kids :)

But I don't want to give birth ever again. EVER. My oldest keeps laughing cause I keep saying this.

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