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Monday, February 25, 2008


I was thinking, what can I possibly write about tonight? We had just a normal day...played outside a bit, played with our neighbor friend, went to Walmart...

And then I went to tuck in my son and he say's "Oh, wait, I need to put on my deodorant". He's 6. ROFL!!!!!!!! At Walmart today his big thing was can he please PLEASE have deodorant like brother?!?! He also uses mine on occasion...plumeria vs Old Spice...I gave in! I think it's cute.

This got me remembering our Walmart trip, which did have an...event...episode...what would one call it? Only moms will understand what I went through today, part embarrasment, part sad for my later, some laughter...

So, Elias had to poop. Ugh! I hadn't made it through the freezer section or cold section yet, so I figured we better go to the potty NOW before it becomes imperative later and ice cream will melt. SO off we go to the Family Restroom.

Where he strips off his shoes, socks and pants. Brian did the same exact thing when he was little. It drives me nuts at home, and in a public restroom it makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!!

So, he settles in,starts doing his thing...and the toilet automatically flushed. OMG. He became INSTANTLY hysterical, jumped off the pot, ran to the door screaming, wrestling to open the door. I'm fighting him to STAY IN (remember, he's naked!!!!) and he's crying/screaming and covering his ears with both hands.
I'm thinking they're going to think I'm beating him in here! I want him to stop screaming, I want him to stop being scared, AND I have to put his clothes on because his hands are covering his ears!!!

What a funny boy. He's such a mix of 150% boy, yet still so often scared by things like lightening, or ....toilets unexpectedly flushing. I guess I better cherish this time, because soon he'll be a snotty teen!

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