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Friday, February 15, 2008

Out of our control, First Aid & So Big!

You ever have one of those days where, out of your control, the "plan" changes like 3 times BEFORE 10AM?!?!  That was us today!

I had to get Brian to his First Aid certification class by 9:15. That meant we all had to be eaten, dressed, chores done etc by 9ish, because immediately upon arriving home, Elias was to be picked up by a  friend to go to Roller Skating, and at 10, Sebastian had his Physical Therapy.

In order for the baby to have his G-Tube feeding done in time, he had to start no later than 8:20, to be done by 8:50. Except the feeding pump spazzed and went into Error mode and ended up not being able to change functions!! ACHH!!!! So, the Home Health Care Company had to send someone out with a new pump. Meanwhile, I had to physically push in, S-L-O-W-L-Y, the formula.  BUT!!!  I had other kids to get ready!!  NOOO!! Oh well, so we did it.

Get out the door, drop Brian off, come home to vacuum quick before PT gets there, and in the middle of vacuuming she calls and had to cancel.  Okkkkkkk......

Waited for the new pump, which came very promptly, and the funny thing all worked out!  I ended up being able to go to Skating with the kids, had a clean house to boot, and a new pump! Wasn't how I planned it...but it worked out great!!!

Any symbolism there?!?! Of course there is!

So, Brian finished his First Aid course. Got his certification, now he can save us if we choke, or stop breathing.  I am actually very proud of him for choosing to do this class. Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and the ability to KNOW what to do could prove to be lifesaving. 

He got a kick out of some parts of the class...I guess the instructor was cool...and his friends were there...Did you  know that when giving Chest Compressions, if you break a rib, you are to keep going?!?!  Things like that, as awful/funny as they sound, could be really helpful to remember if the situation arose!

Hopefully we won't have to put him to the test, but I think he'd do awesome if he had to.

Small Sebastian Update:

I'll update on his health later, but had to share...I've been working on "How big is Sebastian?!" , "So Big!!"  for weeks now. And I get a blank stare, maybe a laugh.

Today, Elias said it to him, and Seb's hands flew up in the air.  At first I thought it was coincidental, but then he did it again!! I grabbed the camera, and called Chris, screaming to him that Sebastian finally got it!!!! YEAH!! Big boy!  Here are some pics. Gosh, I love that boy!!!

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