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Thursday, January 3, 2008

History through Living

Lest my recent post , A Small Vere, make you believe my children don't know history, let me remind you that we live an educational lifestyle. This lifestyle is fraught with field trips and traveling, educational tv, magazines, etc etc. We don't sit back and wait for things to find us..we go out! We play! We watch! We read! We travel a lot, especially back East where I am from...which is full of great learning opportunities. And, most importantly, we learn!

A lot of our history is Early American & Civil War. Here are some examples of cool history related things we've done, which you can also do!!

Philadelphia (Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross house, Ben Franklin, WW2 Ducks, Independence Hall, etc etc)
Roanoke, Manteo
every imaginable museum and historic site in towns we travel through and loved near...Pearl S. Buck house
Mercer Museum
Some totally cool things like graveyards...where famous people are buried or weird stories abound..Old Burying Grounds, Beaufort NC
Fort Macon
Thomas Edison house/lab
Living Historical Farm
Tall Ships
Re-enactment of Washington crossing the Delaware
Liberty's Kids; pbs show
History Channel
Ellis Island
Appleseeds, Cobblestone magazines
Historical Books...

This is all Early American History learned in a hands on totally fun way!

Now, this doesn't include the wacky things we've done learning about Ancient and Middle Ages....from mummifying a chicken (that doesn't work well..too fatty) to mummifying a fish (works VERY well! but smells worse at the end) or having Medieval Feasts, going to the Renaissance Faire, etc. etc

These are all life things we do...that we learn from! We use community resources, ranger led talks, movies, magazines, whatever captures our interests.
I love our life

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