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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Child #2

This is my biological child from a previous marriage..Brian, also currently 14.

The 3 oldest boys are literally each 6 mo apart from each other...when they were little it was like having triplets. Seriously. Thank GOD I came into this when they were 5, I can't imagine 3 2 yr olds!!!

So, Brian...Brian is unique because he is so intelligent. He has been homeschooled since birth, but if he were in school he'd be labeled gifted.

Luckily, we unschool, so, again....nothing is out of the norm here...anything goes! Any interest, ability's not got to conform to some entity's scope and sequence, or's all about them!

Brian was my child that got me researching. At first, poor kid...I did everything "wrong"...ok not wrong, but different with him! He wasn't breastfed, he slept in a crib, what else did I do to him...oh, yes, I vaccinated him. Which led him to get pertussis at 2 mo and almost die. Hence, the research! At that point they were giving the DTP now it's the DTaP (Acellular version...the live version...gasp, gave too many people pertussis!

This bright and lovely child of mine has had me off on so many incredible learning experiences, I couldn't even imagine the journey!

Raised bed gardens

Where would we be without the YEARS of these interests, not to mention the momentary interests that interspersed our lives continually?

He is my gift, my blessing, my first!

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