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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Being Extraordinary in Ordinary Things

Sometimes a sentence or paragraph in a book just captures me...and I know it's totally in God's timing that I read them when I am meant to.

A few years ago I read this book and while it's message was good, I didn't GET it, or really ponder on it until I just re-read it. You have to know about me, that I HATE, hate is an understatement, abhor, re-reading books, or re-watching movies...not my thing. I hate the niggling feeling that I know what comes next but I can't remember it. 

The book I'm reading is a Christian Fiction book called The Debt, by Angela Hunt. Within the first chapter I knew I had read this book previously, but it had likely been about 3-4 years ago.  I figured I'd "suffer through" because I truly couldn't remember what happened. I'm glad I did.

The premise is a wife of a mega-church pastor meets a young man who makes her re-think her life and God's plan for it. See, this wife is so busy with her church and their programs and listening to her husband, that somehow she lost sight of the fact that God might be calling her in a different direction. She forgot to listen for that call. In addition, she was so busy concentrating on her "church folk" that she was blinded to the fact that there are unbelievers out there who also need to be shown love.

This young man came into her life and brought her into "uncomfortable" situations...a downtown smoky bar where he was friends with the bartender and some patrons, quietly loving them and witnessing through actions. Same with an adult-bookstore owner, and a drunk homeless man who he brought home, showered and fed.

While not everyone is called to street ministry, this young man made some simple proclamations that we can all live by:

He asked why she was surprised when sinners sin

He also said. "Believers look at Emma (mega-church pastor's wife) and think they have to do exceptional things for God, when that's not what the Father wants at all. I'm learning to be extraordinary in ordinary things, to be holy in unpleasant circumstances, surrounded by confirmed sinners. This is where faith sustains me"

The main character realized she'd been doing a lot of "good things" , but she was following her husband's call, and her husband's will, not God's will for her.

At a recent homeschool parent meeting we were challenged with a moment of often do we, especially homeschool moms, have a moment of silence to sit there and LISTEN for God's will in our lives?  Are we doing His will, are we listening for Him to tell us? If not, let's try to have that moment of silence more often!

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