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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, we were supposed to have a Snow Play Day today at a local mountain, but are waiting till next week for the next storm to dump MORE snow! So, we went bowling instead with Daddy this morning.

Some facts to know:
1) My husband's father used to be a Pro-Bowler
2) My husband used to bowl often and is very good
3) Neither #1 nor #2 positively affected my scores
4) Elias is a "pro" level  on wii bowling
5)  #4 didn't positively affect his scores either!

We had a grand time though! After a particularly awful run, Elias decided we needed to do "group hugs". Meanwhile baby has been practicing "yeah!!!"  ie clapping his little fat hands together, so that was cute too, turning around and seeing him clap!

Here's Elias with his ball.

Here's Little Lovely and Daddy

Here's our first Scoreboard

Notice how GREAT Daddy did. And how Elias , a 6 yr old, beat me?!?!

Here's our 2nd scoreboard:

Daddy/Chris did a lot of goofing off during this game. Elias did ok...I...well...I went downhill.

Chris was left asking some....funny?!?!  questions like:

How does he (Elias) get a gutter ball WITH BUMPERS?  (Happened more than once!!)

Are you going to let your son beat you?

Why don't you throw it straight?  (well, I'm TRYING TO!!!)

Now, hours later  (you have to know my husband is a total goofball) anytime I raise my voice to the kids, or huff and puff, he says, "Don't worry son, it's just because you beat her at bowling today". 

God sure knew what he was doing putting me and my husband together. While it hasn't always been easy, it sure has its fun points! He totally balances me out. It'd be AWFUL to be married to be married to someone like me..I can imagine we'd make each other worse! Instead, Chris usually smashes my Type A personality into a more genteel state with his humor!

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