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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tables are turned!

I can truly tell you that following a child's lead (and of course my belief is that those interests are God-placed) can take you places you never would have dreamed of. never been to school, never traditionally schooled child...has always led me to things that are certainly not on any scope and sequence..and yet, at 14, he still sometimes surprises me!

Brian assigned ME a challenge! He asked me to read a book he had just read. What!!

Brian's reading style and mine...are...umm...POLAR OPPOSITES!!! He's into sci-fi and fantasy, LOVES Harry Potter...I've never cracked a HP book open! I'd rather whilst away my time on Christian Fiction, or parenting books, or even non-fiction on topics I'm interested in....

I started silently praying and contemplating my choices. Geesh, if I say no what kind of mom am I? But if I say yes I have to read the book! What to do, what to do?!?!?!

Ok, it can't be that bad, it came from the "religious" section at Borders..not like it's sci-fi....that's in its, I'll get to see what it is he's reading.....another plus...maybe give us something meaty to talk about...

Let me run down for you some background info, including how he found this book.

He loves to read. He has never been made to read any certain book, never done a book report. EVER. I see no clear reason to make a child do a book report. If you want to know if they've truly read it, talk to them about it!  If you want to know if they can write a report, well, that's a different topic altogether! Why mix it in with reading when most people want their kids to love reading!  I do have a standing rule that everyone in the house reads an hour a day, and I don't care what it is, as long as its reading. I have one who was pulled from ps who hated reading and for his hour, he'd read Nintendo Power magazine and Game Cheat magazines...I don't care! If you're reading and enjoying it, that's what matters.

Brian loves music...recently a member of a band he likes, Hawthorne Heights, died, and on their website they asked people to learn about an organization that the person supported, called To Write Love on Her Arms.

Since then he's become attached to the organization, wearing their t-shirts, explaining their mission, surfing their website etc.
 The founder of the organization Jamie Tworkowski has a myspace page, Jamie,and recommends some various books there. One of them is Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.

blue like jazz cover

So, that's the story of how HE found the book. Following his interests, and various bunny trails.

And, yes, I accepted his challenge and read it! I am super impressed  not only by the book (check back later for my review) but that MY SON found it, and read it, and could discuss it with me. MY BABY!  It is so profound and so deep and so....incredible, all about God and finding meaning in life and relationships with Jesus and LOVE.

In a million years I could never have found this book, and then made him read it. And, if I had, he probably wouldn't have gotten out of it what he did on his own.

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